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Another distinguishing aspect of the MFA program is our location - Burlington, Vermont - a place offering unmatched quality of life and plentiful opportunities. We're set between Boston and Montreal, two of North America's most important cities when it comes to emergent media, and home to companies such as Ideo, Ubisoft, Behaviour Interactive, Eidos and Electronic Arts. Burlington itself has become a center for emergent media in its own right, with organizations like Polhemus, Ascension Technology, JDK Design, Tag New Media, MyWebGrocer, Dealer.com, Resolution Inc. and Vermont Film Commission providing ample extension opportunities. In addition, both the state of Vermont and Champlain College have long fostered an entrepreneurial culture, characteristics that are integral to this field. Upon completion of this program, students will have not only improved their core skills, they will have developed the expertise and intellectual agility needed to understand and master all the pieces to the puzzle.

Laid-back urban

As a Champlain College student, you will be minutes away from:

  • Outstanding eateries, from outdoor cafes to rustic cellars, sushi to tapas. Burlington offers just about any kind of ambiance and cuisine you want.
  • Lake Champlain, a mecca for boaters, features waterfront trails, swings and a ferry to upstate New York.
  • An eclectic mix of small boutiques, shops and name-brand stores.
  • Numerous year-round festivals: Lake Champlain Dragon Boat, Discover Jazz, Brewers and Winter-to name a few.
  • South End Arts District featuring artist's collectives, galleries and studios and hosting the annual Art Hop with over 500 participating artists.

Church Street Marketplace

The epicenter of the city is a four-block, cobblestoned, outdoor marketplace cordoned off exclusively for pedestrians. The place hops. Street performers, cart vendors and outdoor eatery seating enliven the well-balanced distribution of national storefronts (like Macy's, Banana Republic and Urban Outfitters) among an eclectic roster of locally owned shops.

Perfect College Town

As well as being home to the approximately 24-acre Champlain College campus, Burlington boasts three other colleges and one major university research hospital; students represent a full one-fourth of Burlington's total population. Champlain and other local colleges offer a full calendar of open-to-the-public cultural events, concerts, lecture series and sporting events.

Burlington is such a distinctive city, it shows up in the top of many "best" lists year after year, including:

  • TOP ADVENTURE TOWN: Voted #14 in the list of Top 100 Adventure Towns by National Geographic Adventure magazine.
  • HEALTHIEST: Burlington was named Healthiest City in the U.S. in a 2008 report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and #1 Healthiest City by Men's Health and Women's Health magazines in 2012.
  • BEST SKIING: Sugarbush Ski Resort, Vermont, ranked #1 for "Terrain Variety" in 2008 by Ski Magazine. Sugarbush offers deeply discounted season passes to all Champlain students.
  • BEST PLACE TO LIVE: Burlington named the "Best of the Best" places to live by Men's Journal Magazine (top 5 of their "50 Best Places to Live").

Housing Options in Burlington

Burlington is widely considered one of the most livable cities in the country. As a college town, there are an abundance of rental opportunities and nearly everything is within walking distance. Even so, mass transportation is readily available throughout the city and your student ID will get you where you need to go - free.

Champlain now has dedicated apartment-style housing available to MFA students. To learn about housing options, contact Marissa George at marissa.george@champlain.edu or call at  (802) 383-6601 to help:

  • provide you with more details about the Champlain MFA student housing option
  • identify online and local apartment search resources
  • provide you with some current listings so you can get an immediate understanding of what is available and what to expect in the market
  • provide you with information about Burlington and the surrounding towns, including maps
  • provide you with insight into various neighborhoods in town
  • share information about city parking
  • and provide you with directions to grocery stores, furniture shops and other general needs

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