Master of Education in Early Childhood Education—Online

Master of Education in Early Childhood Education

Ranked in the Top 10 Online M.Ed. Programs*

The Champlain M.Ed. program will engage you on a deeper level as an early educator. Our unique, project-based approach to learning is tailored to allow you to work independently in your online courses and apply the content to your current position in the field of early childhood education. The curriculum is also geared to connecting you with the early childhood community in your area.

  • Earn your Masters in Early Childhood Education while working full-time. Among the first colleges to offer full degree programs online, Champlain has been a leader in online education since 1993. Champlain’s asynchronous schedule gives you complete flexibility on when and where you do your coursework.
  • Build on your repertoire of approaches for creating developmentally appropriate curriculum. In collaboration with your professors and your online counterparts from across the nation, you will get ideas and learn best practices for facilitating child-centered curriculums.
  • Develop your skills in setting up imaginative play areas that support learning. Learn specific tactics for observing where children choose to play on their own and how to enrich those environments that motivate students to learn through their play.
  • Distinguish yourself as a professional in the field. The program will add to your existing knowledge and equip you with necessary and up-to-date skills and approaches for assessing children’s development, observing and documenting behavior, supporting children and families, supporting children with special needs, and addressing early childhood education professional standards, policies, procedures, practices and perspectives.
  • Specialized courses in the program allow you to choose a path focused either on Special Education, Teaching or Administration for Early Childhood Education.

*The Best Schools, 2017

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