M.Ed. Curriculum

Course #TitleCredits

Course List

GEE 501 Early Childhood & Play 3
GEE 502

Creating Constructive Environments

GEE 503

Leadership, Mentoring & Quality

Students have the option of taking this course as a 4-week accelerated online course including project work at the annual  NAEYC Conference in November, or in the 8-week online format.

GEE 504 The Child, Family and Community 3
GEE 505 Supporting Children with Special Needs 3
GEE 506 Observation and Documentation in the Classroom 3
GEE 600 Action Research Project I 3
GEE 610 Action Research Project II 3

PLUS, four Specialization Courses

Special Education Specialization

GEE 550 Early Identification & Assessment of Diverse Learners 3
GEE 551 Developing a Curriculum for Diverse Learners 3
GEE 522 Designing Environments for Diverse Learners 3
GEE 553 Behavior Analysis & Intervention 3

Administration Specialization

GEE 540 Curriculum for Administrators 3
GEE 541 HR in the Early Childhood Setting 3
GEE 542 Administration of Early Childhood Programs 3
GEE 543 Financial Management in the Early Childhood Setting 3

Teaching Specialization

GEE 520 Early Language & Literacy 3
GEE 522 Teaching Kindergarten through Third Grade & Practicum 3
GEE 524 Infant & Toddler Development & Curriculum with Project 3
GEE 532 Math & Science for Young Children 3
Total: 36

Students will also participate in a short, valuable residency experience during the first year of the program.

Note that the M.Ed. is not a licensure program. Contact your state's department of education for information regarding specific licensure requirements.

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