Digital Forensic Science (MS) Curriculum

The Masters of Digital Forensic Science curriculum builds on your existing digital forensics knowledge and advances you to the next level of expertise.

The digital forensic courses in this program are specifically designed to be applicable and relevant to the current and emerging digital forensic landscape, while also providing a framework of core digital forensic principals.

The culmination of the degree is in the form of a capstone research project that allows students to integrate all insights, learning, and observations into a single work-based project.


Course #TitleCredits
DIM 500 The Practice of Digital Investigations 3
DIM 550 Computer Forensics Laboratory Operation & Management 3
DIM 570 Research Methodology 3
MBA 505 The Strategic Language of Business 3
DIM 530 Legal Principles of Digital Investigation 3
DFS 510 Scripting for Digital Forensics 3
DFS 520 Operating System Analysis 3
DFS 530 Incident Response and Network Forensics 3
DFS 580 Capstone Research Thesis 3
DFS 581 Capstone Research Thesis II 3

Choose two of the following courses:

DFS 540 Malware Analysis 3
DFS 550 Mobile Device Analysis 3
DIM 560 Digital Forensic for Civil Litigation 3
Total Credits to Earn This Degree: 36

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