Master of Science in Health Care Administration

Masters in Health Care Administration Student

100% Online, 8-Week Courses

We're passionate about health care, and we bring that passion to our newly-revised online MS in Health Care Administration program. Every single one of our online health care administration courses was developed to challenge you to think boldly and more innovatively than you imagined possible, and arm you with new knowledge, interdisciplinary strategies and tools that will help you to make measurable change at the micro or macro levels. And, you will find this leading-edge curriculum in no other health care administration program in the country.

As an experienced healthcare professional, you are more than familiar with the complexities and challenges that face the healthcare field - whether you are involved in the planning, managing, or delivery of care and related activities.
If you're like our online Master of Science in Health Care Administration program leadership and practitioner-instructors, you're also optimistic about the opportunity that exists to bring new approaches and fresh thinking in order to:

  • Make measurable improvements to patient access, quality of care and outcomes in the nation's doctor's offices, clinics and hospitals.
  • Increase efficiencies with payers, health care delivery networks and government.
  • Foster collaboration between providers, administrators and regulators, and so much more. 

In Champlain College's online Master of Science in Health Care Administration program, we'll help to increase your knowledge and competencies with professionally-relevant content and exercises in quality and process improvement, human resources, finance, leadership, technical and information systems. And we'll take you even further through the emerging field of business analytics, "big data," and data visualization; as well as through the use of "design thinking" - a more solutions oriented and patient-centric approach to industry challenges. Coupled with the program's interdisciplinary cohort model (a small group of fellow students with whom you will work throughout your studies), your courses will serve as a launching pad for some of your deepest, and most creative thinking.

Benefits of the Champlain Master's in Health Care Administration:

Entirely online program offers flexibility and convenience. The MS in Health Care Administration is completed entirely online - at times convenient to you - allowing you to participate in a challenging, high-quality education while managing your busy lifestyle.

  • Learn to literally think and "see" differently. You'll gain competency in data visualization tools and become versed in design thinking which will change how you see and think about challenges facing the field and solutions that address them.
  • Become a leader in change management and performance improvement. Be a change agent in your organization, and inspire others through performance improvement using competencies you gain throughout the program. 
  • Gain an edge with comprehensive technical knowledge. You'll master knowledge related to information technology systems involved with all aspects of health care to support best-practice initiatives, data analytics, and more.
  • Courses designed by health care professionals. The faculty members who deliver our program are practitioners in the health care sector with broad experience as consultants, CEOs, chief operating officers, information officers, legal experts and more.

Career Preparation

Individuals with health care management degrees are headed into a job market that is predicted to grow 23% through 2020 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Champlain's program prepares industry leaders for demographic changes, increased regulation, funding challenges, demand for improved efficiencies, and the emerging needs of the aging population.

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