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We've outlined answers to the questions we frequently receive from prospective students below. If you have a question that has not been answered please contact an advisor at 888-545-3459 or fill out our contact form.

Is this online Master of Science in Health Care Administration degree any different from the degrees earned on-campus at Champlain College?
Although the delivery of this program is online, the academic experience is no different than an on-campus program. The diploma that you receive is exactly the same as well.

How is the program accredited?
Champlain College is accredited by the New England Association of Schools & Colleges, Inc., through its Commission on Institutions of Higher Education.

How long is the program?
This program can be completed in as few as 20 months.  

How many credits and courses do I take each semester?
To complete the program in 20 months, you will need to enroll in a 3-credit courses each 8-week term for a total of 6 credits per semester. 

How much does the online Master of Science in Health Care Administration program cost?
Your education costs will differ depending on a number of factors such as scholarships and financial aid. Program costs are calculated by credit-hour. For the most up-to-date Tuition and Fees information please contact an advisor at 888-545-3459 or by filling out our contact form. 

What are the advantages of getting the Masters of Science in Health Care Administration degree online versus getting it on-campus?
Taking the MS in Health Care Administration program online will allow you to realize career-advancing opportunities while you continue working. It is also immediately accessible from your home or office and you will experience the benefits of a master's degree in about two years.

When can I start the program?
You may enter the online Master of Science in Health Care Administration program in August (Fall 1 Term), January (Spring 1 Term), or May (Summer 1 Term). While there are only three starts per year, once you are enrolled in the program you will have an opportunity to take classes in each of the 6 terms offered every year. 

How much time is required for this program?
This program is designed for the working professional who must keep up with the demands of work and home. You will probably find that your studies, scheduled on your own time, take 15-20 hours per week. Please note that this is an estimate and varies from person to person, depending on your personal and professional circumstances; and from course to course, especially when multiple classes are taken concurrently. Your section instructor acts as your personal mentor and coach and will help keep you on track. Students also find their classmates are a tremendous source of support.

Who do I talk to if I have more questions or if I want to apply?
Please contact us at 888-545-3459 or by filling out a contact form here. We will be happy to answer your questions.

Does Champlain College participate in the GI Bill's Yellow Ribbon Program?
Champlain College is proud to be a 100% participant with the GI Bill's Yellow Ribbon Program. This education benefit is available for all military personnel that are eligible for 100% tuition under the Post 9/11 GI Bill. By becoming a 100% participant in this program, Champlain College has agreed to provide additional tuition assistance to then be matched by the VA resulting in potentially free tuition for qualifying veterans. Learn more here.

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