Master of Science in Law

(No longer enrolling new students)

Champlain's Master of Science in Law (MS Law) degree was the first broadly-focused and in-depth graduate law program in the United States. Created to help professionals from all industries to think and act confidently in the legal dimensions of their work, our program provides students with a solid understanding of various aspects of the law as it impacts their work.

MS Law students are CEOs, small-business owners, paralegals, health care and social workers, contractors, teachers, government employees and other professionals. The 33-credit program covers the most relevant workplace issues, including:

  • Legal language and analysis
  • Contracts
  • Business records security
  • Information privacy
  • Health law
  • Constitutional issues
  • Regulatory law
  • Liability
  • Labor and employment law

You'll have a manageable workload with one class at a time and six terms annually in the year-round curriculum. Most students complete the program in two years. The required on-campus residency is a combination of lectures, workshops and networking with faculty and other students, and provides you with critical skills that apply directly to your current work situation.

In addition to gaining exposure to a wide variety of legal subject areas, students in the Master of Science in Law program will perform ongoing critical self-reflection from academic and work-based experiences and articulate the personal learning and growth that have resulted from those experiences.

Program Highlights

Participate in a residency that could boost your career. The MS Law residency at Champlain gives students opportunities to network with faculty and other students and to build the leadership skills that employers want. 

Broaden your knowledge of the law. In addition to a curriculum that offers a well-rounded exploration of the law to increase students' job options, students can opt to specialize in either Employment & Labor Law or Human Service Law & Systems to meet the growing legal needs of these industries.

Work with faculty members who are experienced lawyers. Our program is a community of learners, driven by faculty members who love to expand their knowledge and teach. All instructors are lawyers, and most currently practice law. MS Law students study with professors who are subject-matter experts in what they teach.

Graduate with a set of tools, not a set of rules. Students leave Champlain's online program confident with the legal aspects of their jobs, able to prevent unneeded litigation and capable of working with legal counsel when necessary. Most of our students report receiving a pay increase after they start the graduate program.