Learning Outcomes

(No longer enrolling new students)

Upon completion of the online Master of Science in Law program, you will have been given the skills to:

  • Interpret statutes, regulations, and legal decisions affecting your work and translate legal language for those not trained in law.
  • Make effective and well-founded decisions about when to use, and how to work with, legal counsel within your profession.
  • Select appropriate strategies for dispute resolution within and between organizations.
  • Manage obligations under state and federal regulations and, in appropriate cases, represent your organization before administrative bodies.
  • Evaluate business agreements and analyze provisions therein that help protect your organization's legal interests and achieve its business goals.
  • Appraise the ethical implications in opportunities and choices, and make ethical decisions in the face of countervailing pressures.
  • Protect the privacy of records in the care of an organization and comply with appropriate exceptions required by law.
  • Manage business risks to avoid legal liability, and react productively in the case of an accident or claim.
  • Perform ongoing critical self-reflection from academic and work-based experiences to assure professional development and responsibility.