Champlain’s Mediation & Applied Conflict Studies faculty will guide you, as you gain expertise in a specialty area of your choosing, through a combination of the program’s core work, electives, research, fieldwork and networking with professionals in the field.

Course #TitleCredits

Required Courses

MED 501Negotiation3
MED 502Interpersonal Conflict3
MED 503Conflict Intervention Skills6
MED 504Principles of Conflict Analysis3
MED 505Fieldwork and Specialization3
MED 511Reflective Practice/Comparative Models6
MED 512Culture, Race and Gender in Conflict Interventions3
MED 514Ethics for Conflict Resolution Professionals3
MED 516Fieldwork and Specialization II3
MED 535Systems and Conflict3
MED 541-46Mediation Labs3 (0.5 each)

Complete one of the following electives:

MED 521Organizational Conflict3
MED 523Facilitation3
MED 524Family Mediation / Divorce Mediation3

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