Mediation Residency

(No longer enrolling new students)

MSMACS students discussing things around a table

Champlain's Master of Science in Mediation & Applied Conflict Studies program includes 10 days of residency over two visits (in January and May) at our breathtaking Burlington, Vermont, campus, overlooking majestic Lake Champlain.

Residency provides a space for rich, in-depth face-to-face practice of principles and theories, through a variety of mediation and conflict resolution simulations. For those seeking additional face-to-face time with students and instructors, we also offer an additional option to take a four-day residency as an elective.

The first residency period is six days long and is divided into two parts. The first part is devoted to deepening your understanding of your own attitudes, biases, habits, reactions and other patterns of behavior in conflict settings. This allows new mediators to better guide parties through conflict situations.

The second part of the residency is dedicated to developing conflict intervention skills and providing hands-on learning of the mechanics involved in helping people manage their conflicts. After significant practice and experience in virtual settings, you will receive targeted feedback on your skills and personalized coaching from faculty. After this session of the residency, you will continue training online in virtual mediation labs.

The second residency period is four days long and devoted to helping you blend your personal style and personality into your mediation practice, as well as develop artistry in practice. Part of developing artistry is understanding what motivates the decisions the conflict intervenor makes in the moment. What follows is the ability to learn from that understanding and to integrate new insight into practice. You will develop key reflective habits that will help you to grow and develop as a conflict engagement professional throughout your career.

Residency allows you to put faces to names of students and faculty, and transform the personal relationships you’ve built online into a face-to-face environment. It is also an opportunity to network with others with similar interests and develop lifelong connections with colleagues.

During your time on our Burlington campus, you will also take part in shared professional development sessions with students in other Champlain College graduate programs from an array of professional backgrounds.

Extend your residency, and take full advantage of your time in the beautiful City of Burlington, including dining, shopping, music, outdoor adventures, sightseeing and more.