Mediation Residency

The MS in Mediation and Applied Conflict Studies program requires that students attend three face-to-face residencies. All courses that require face-to-face components also require online components. The courses requiring residency fit within the normal 8-week term schedule. Residencies are generally around the 3rd week of the term.

What courses are required during the residencies?

Residency 1

The first residency is the longest and requires a total of 11 days on campus. During the first residency, students are required to take the following courses:

Residencies 2 & 3

The second and third residencies are six days each. Students will take MED 511 Advanced Practice I in the second residency and MED 512 Advanced Practice II in the third; both require 2.5 days of residency. Students must also choose two of the following four courses to be taken concurrently with the Advanced Practice courses:

The sixth day of residencies 2 and 3 are reserved for special topics, discussions with faculty, students and notables in the field.

When are residencies offered and who attends?

Residencies are offered in the first Spring term (January-February) and Summer term (May-June) of each year. Students from all levels of the program and most faculty gather during the residencies, making them wonderful opportunities to create community, develop professional networks and discuss issues of common concern among the program’s members.


Residency students are responsible for making their own housing arrangements. Check out our list of recommended local accommodations.


Students are responsible for making their own transportation arrangements to and from the college.

For assistance on accommodations or transportation, contact Julian Portilla, Program Director of MS in Mediation and Applied Conflict Studies.

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