MBA Curriculum

An Authentic Education With Real-World Applicability

The Champlain College online MBA incorporates a learning strategy called Integrated Reflective Practice (IRP), which leverages a student's current work environment as a laboratory for learning. This learning philosophy creates a more authentic and valuable experience, both for the student and for the employer.

Course #TitleCredits
MIT 505 Project Management 3
MBA 515 Mission and Values in a Global Environment 3
MBA 520 Performance Measurement and Accounting Systems 3
MBA 525 Process Improvement/Operations 3
MIT 525 Financial Decision Making 3
MBA 530 Customers, Market and Sales/Marketing Programs 3
MBA 535 Business Economics and Modeling Value 3
MBA 540 Group Dynamics, Communication and Negotiation 3
MIT 540 Managing Innovation through Information Technology 3
MBA 545 Action Planning and Decision Making 3
MIT 550 Reflective Leadership and Planned Change 3
MBA 590 Integrative Capstone Project/Field Experience 3
MBA 500 Integrated Reflective Practice 3
Total:  39

Note: Some requisite knowledge is required prior to enrolling in MBA courses. If you lack a bachelor's degree in business or management, you will have the opportunity to bolster your business acumen in the area of  financial accounting prior to starting the MBA program. See our Admissions Requirements for details.   

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