Request Services & Accommodations

Prospective Students

Champlain seeks to admit motivated students who have the intellectual ability and drive to succeed at Champlain and who will make a positive contribution to the campus community. Admission decisions are made without regard to medical conditions or learning differences. All prospective students, regardless of their documented condition, are expected to present academic credentials at or above the minimum standards for admission as established by the Admission Committee.

Requests for applications for admission to CC should be directed to the:
Office of Admissions, Perry Hall

After acceptance to Champlain College, students who will be requesting reasonable accommodations should contact the Counseling & Accommodation Service Center, to begin the process of establishing eligibility for services and/or accommodations.

Once Admitted to Champlain College

Champlain College is committed to providing equal educational access for all individuals in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1998, and the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments (ADAA) of 2008.  An individual with a documented condition who is qualified for admission will have the same access to programs, services, and activities as all other students.  Champlain will make reasonable accommodations unless doing so would fundamentally alter the nature of the service, program, or activity, or pose an undue administrative or financial burden.  Champlain will provide services in a manner that promotes independence and inclusion in all aspects of campus life.  Once a student has been admitted to Champlain College, the following guidelines will assist in making a smooth transition into the College:

  1. Review the Counseling & Accommodation Service Center web pages for information about accommodations, services, policies and procedures.
  2. Contact the Counseling & Accommodation Service Center at 802-865-5484 or 802-651-5961, to begin the process of establishing eligibility.
  3. Submit current, comprehensive, professional documentation of your disability to the Counseling Center.
  4. Schedule an appointment to register with the Accommodation Services Coordinator to discuss your documentation, appropriate accommodations, services, and the impact your disability may have on course selection and scheduling.


It is the student's responsibility to arrange for certain services which are outside the scope of the Counseling Center and the College. These services include, but may not be limited to: attendant care, mobility training, items / services of a personal nature and sources of financial aid. Counseling Center staff would be glad to consult with you regarding your special needs and possible local resources.

Who Is Eligible?

Accommodation Services are available to all currently enrolled students who have a documented condition that substantially limits them in one or more of life's major activities. Individuals eligible for services include, but are not limited to students with mobility, orthopedic, hearing, visual, speech, and learning disabilities.

What documentation is needed?

In order to fully evaluate requests for accommodations or auxiliary aids, Champlain's Counseling & Accommodation Service Center will need documentation of the condition that consists of an evaluation by an appropriate professional that describes the current impact of the condition as it relates to the accommodation(s) requested.

Once Champlain's review is complete, the Coordinator will contact the student to inform him/her of any accommodations for which s/he was approved, and what must be done to implement those accommodations. If accommodations are denied, the Coordinator will explain why and what can be done to support those interests.

Did you have an IEP or 504 Plan in high school?

For individuals who have recently been receiving services from a public school system, the information requested would most likely be contained in the Psycho-Educational Evaluation report from your most recent Triennial Review. Some of the information may also be contained in an IEP, 504 Plan, or Transition Plan. You may wish to include this with your Psycho-Educational Evaluation report as supportive documentation. You must request this information separately from your high school transcripts and should make sure that it is received by the Counseling Center. It is very important to understand that IEPs and 504 Plans do not suffice as adequate documentation to accompany a student to a college since both are required under laws that do not apply once the student attends college.

Are you transferring from another college or university?

For individuals transferring from another college or university, information related to your condition will not be sent with a transcript request. You must request that information be sent to Champlain's Counseling & Accommodation Service Center separately. Additionally, the information Champlain is requesting may or may not have been a part of your previous college's evaluation process. If you have any questions please contact the Counseling & Accommodation Service Center at 802-865-5484 or 802-651-5961.