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Welcome to Champlain College's Department of Residential Life and Student Activities

Our department is located in Skiff Hall and is open from 8:30AM–5PM, Monday to Friday. You may stop in at any time, but an appointment is recommended.

Come see us for questions about residence halls and leadership opportunities on campus. We routinely meet with students to help them identify and access on and off-campus resources. In the evenings, an Assistant Director or Area Coordinator is available outside of office hours to respond to emergency and crisis situations if needed.

Department Staff

Our department staff includes student resident assistants, as well as full-time professionals who can assist you in getting the most from your on-campus living experience.

Professional Staff

Danelle Berube, Director
Oversees department operations relating to residence halls and residence hall staff.
Lisa Mazzariello, Director
Oversees department operations relating to student activities and management of the IDX Student Center.
Melody Brook, Operations Manager
Oversees housing assignments and room selection, and works with matters relating to custodial and maintenance of the residence halls.
Meaghan MacDonald, Area Coordinator
Contact for information about leadership activities.
Jazmin Rew-Pinchem, Area Coordinator 802.651.5841Contact for information about operations assistance and Spinner Place.
Alexandria Clyburn, Area Coordinator 802.651.5918Contact for information about diversity programming.
Meghan O'Sullivan, Area Coordinator 802.865.5461Contact for information about intramural sports.
Kelsey O'Connor, Area Coordinator 802.865.5453Contact for information about student activities.
Melissa Carlson, Area Coordinator 802.865.8987Contact for information about student conduct.
Jennifer Jang, Associate Director of Student Diversity Programs
Oversees student diversity programming.
Dan O'Hara, Associate Director of Student Leadership Programs 802. 651.5913Oversees student leadership programming.
Jared Cadrette, Associate Director of Student Activities and SLC Operations 802.865.6436Oversees all major student activities and the daily operations of the Student Life Center.
Catherine Bergeron-Radoux, Wellness Coordinator 802.651.5960Contact for information regarding the HUB, Fitness Center, and fitness classes.

You can also e-mail us at