Contemporary Residence Halls

All Champlain College residence halls have cable television, wireless internet and access to a shared gigabit connection, and are smoke and substance-free, co-ed communities.

308 Maple / Boardman Hall / Juniper Hall / Lakeview Hall

Champlain College Residence Hall - 308 Maple308 Maple

One of our smaller, more intimate residential settings, 308 Maple is home to our campus’ substance free program. Housing only 14 returning students, all residents of this building sign an agreement to live a lifestyle free from the effects of alcohol or drugs, including those over the legal drinking age. Alternative programming and events hosted by Residential Life staff play a large role in the success of this program.

Champlain College Residence Hall - Boardman HallBoardman Hall

One of our campus’ most popular living options, Boardman Hall is a favorite of students who desire the privacy of single rooms with the convenience of living on the main campus. Each of the suites has its own common space for students to convene and study or socialize, and includes its own washer/dryer unit. Students in Boardman Hall participate in the meal plan, however, the building also includes a small kitchenette area perfect for making a late night snack.

Champlain College Residence Hall - Juniper HallJuniper Hall

Juniper Hall is one of Champlain’s newest facilities, built in the summer of 2012. The building is part of our sophomore year experience, and features all single and double rooms, a large common area on the first floor, small study/lounge areas throughout, and a ski/snowboard tuning room that is available to residents of all Champlain College residence halls. Juniper Hall is named after an island on Lake Champlain, which is very appropriate as the building features multiple two-story windows looking out onto Burlington’s greatest natural attraction. The building was also designed with the environment in mind, as its construction meets the highest standard of sustainability.

Champlain College Residence Hall - Lakeview HallLakeview Hall

80 sophomore students feel lucky to live in this residence hall located close to the center of campus. Residents love Lakeview’s game room with its pool table and television. There is also a formal living room located on the first floor. There are 39 rooms at Lakeview; many facing west with beautiful views of Lake Champlain. Many student rooms have wood floors and radiant heat, and all rooms are air conditioned. The distinctive wall colors in student bedrooms are very popular.