Competitive Advantage

Today's Disciplines: Relevant & Results-Oriented

For over 125 years, Champlain College has focused on offering a career-accelerating education that leads to real opportunities in the marketplace. Giving you a thorough grounding in updated general management concepts and skills across key disciplines, as well as the techniques and practice you need to cultivate the critical "soft" skills of effective leadership communication and understanding, the strong academic foundation of the Champlain graduate education can serve you well over your lifetime, no matter where your career ambitions and interests lead you.

At the core of every management degree, our experientially based Integrated Reflective Practice (IRP) prescribes that real work experiences or problems serve as the learning vehicle in which you drive your understanding of theory.


The integration of course theory and workplace experience is facilitated through discussion forums, weekly assignments and work-based course projects. The experiences you have at work applying course materials then become practical, relevant case studies on the academic topic.

Ranked among the Princeton Review's 378 Best Colleges: 2043 Edition and named the Top "Up-and-Comer" College in the North in the 2014 edition of U.S. News and World Report's "America's Best Colleges," Champlain offers more than 30 Undergraduate Degrees, 9 Graduate Degrees, plus more than 30 Online Programs leading to degrees or certificates.


Reflection is taking time to digest "what's really going on." It allows you to not just solve the surface problem, but identify the underlying causes. Reflection includes collaboration with others and happens before, during and after an event or experience. It's not passive, but instead includes action plans and personal behavioral changes.


Each course addresses its functional topic, but it also draws upon and emphasizes the importance of multiple perspectives when addressing real problems in the workplace. You're supported in managing your work-based Action Research by our scholar-practitioner faculty: they have been down the roads of leadership you are heading towards.