Why Graduate Studies at Champlain?

True learning occurs when information and experience come together to create knowledge

A private, not-for-profit college founded in 1878, Champlain College has a long tradition of educating professionals for leadership roles by providing a high-quality, career-oriented education.

Our deep commitment to academic excellence and student learning is reflected in our distinctive educational approach: We integrate the high academic standards and rigor that characterize all important learning with the development of relevant professional skills through hands-on application in real-world situations. Champlain College embodies the notion that true learning only occurs when information and experience come together to create knowledge.

Champlain reacts quickly to changes in the business world, and our entrepreneurial spirit and history of working individually with students in pursuit of their personal and professional goals have put us at the forefront of career-centered education; with our Graduate programs, we continue pioneering its best practices.

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