Edmunds Welcome Back Rally

During the Summer of 2012, CSCE Director Kyle Dodson approached Edmunds Elementary School with the idea of getting Champlain students up at the crack of dawn to cheer the Edmunds kids on as they kicked off their school year. This can be a challenging time of year for many students, especially for those who are going to school for the first time. The Welcome Back Rally allows Champlain students to alleviate those anxieties and get students excited about beginning their educational journey.

In 2013, over 30 Champlain students, sleepy-eyed but ready to help out, proceeded down to Edmunds Elementary and cheered the students on as they walked through the school doors.

UPDATE: The Welcome Back Rally will take place on Wednesday, August 27th starting at 7:15am outside of the Skiff Annex! Spread the word and sign up here.

Want to get involved with the Welcome Back Rally next year? Shoot us an email: centerforservice@champlain.edu

Getting ready!

Edmunds Rally