Magic Mentoring Program

In October 2013, Ben Chason-Sokol '15 approached the Center for Service with an idea: using Magic: the Gathering, a popular Fireside pastime at Champlain, as a model for a mentoring program. Several email exchanges later, The Center for Service and Sustainability Academy at Lawrence Barnes launched the Magic Mentoring Program (MMP), where 9 Champlain students met weekly with 10 students to play MTG and other card games.

Magic: the Gathering, in addition to being fun, has several educational aspects embedded in the game, including:

  • reading comprehension
  • complex vocabulary
  • basic arithmetic
  • strategy, which forces students to be critical thinkers when they play
  • and more!

Currently, the program has expanded to include Edmunds Elementary School and now serves 21 total students. The Center is working on developing partnerships with the Boys and Girls Club and the O'Brien Community Center, drawing in all ages to the program to teach kids the game we love. Additionally, every school and community organization that participates in the program receives cards from our collection, so the kids may continue to build their skills outside of our meeting times.

Check out some great photos from our year so far:

Magic Mentoring

Magic Mentoring

Magic Mentors

Interested in joining? Contact or Benjamin Chason-Sokol to sign up.