Julian, Global Studies

Program: Word Play

"I like working with kids and seeing them develop and grow within. I believe it is important that everyone does something to help somewhere in their community whether it be in their school or the town they live in. I chose Word Play because of the writing component; I enjoy it in such a way that it doesn't seem like work, but more like a fun activity. I believe there are fun opportunities like Word Play in the CSCE for everyone.

I also enjoy that each week there's new activities based on a theme that we choose beforehand such as poetry, short stories, scary stories, etc. The week that I enjoyed the most was the one in which we did acting and improvisation with the kids because it helped them explore an art that most of them hadn't taken part in before. It was great to see these students break out of their shells through games and activities as part of their learning experience. At Word Play, Champlain students don't feel like instructors; we work towards our goals as a team. Through this teamwork and collaboration, we are all learners."

Lexi headshot

Lexi, Accounting

Program: Lunch Mentors

I love volunteering and working with kids. I've always spent a lot of time with my younger brother, helping him grow and develop. As a Lunch Mentor, I can help contribute to my mentee's growth and development as well.

Our conversations never seem forced; she is just happy to talk about anything. The program is great for me, but even more beneficial for my mentee. She told me it is easier for her to focus in class after I visit.

I'm really happy I signed up to be a Lunch Mentor!   


Anthony, Social Work

Program: Lunch Buddies

I initially chose to serve to fulfill my freshman year LEAD requirement.  I enjoy working with kids, and it has always been something I wished I did more of pre-college (the big-buddy program at my high school, for example). I continue to do it because its fun and rewarding though!

I would have to say my favorite part about Lunch Buddies is that I always leave in a good mood. No matter how stressed out I am, just hanging out and talking with the kids for that hour really helps take my mind off of things. It's like therapy, and I get to be a positive role model at the same time.