Move Out Information & Tips


Learn more on how to save money, donate useable items, and more.

Residential Students

Annual Move Out Collection for the Residence Halls


  1. Save $ (room charges for residents, waste hauler fees for college)
  2. Make moving out easier
  3. Redirect unwanted, useful items to those that can use them

2013 Collection Statistics:

  • over 8 van loads of clothing and household items delivered to Goodwill and ReStore
  • 230 pounds of food to Food Shelf
  • over 500 pounds of books donated to the Peace & Justice Center for their projects with US inmates and South African villages
  • as much as weight in clothing and school supplies as their luggage would allow for students traveling to Uganda

What you can do:

  1. Be thoughtful and mindful in your moving out time. We all are ready for summer break and if we work together we can get there quickly, without trashing the campus (and planet), as well as help out those who can use the stuff we no longer want.
  2. Educate yourself about what can be collected for donation. Collection bins will be out in the halls during finals week. There will also be a tent for large items (furniture, appliances, etc.) behind Summit Hall on 56 Summit St during finals and senior week. Transportation of large items may be available (call 802-865-5449 to arrange).
    • Clothes, Bedding, Linens, Towels, Blankets, etc. - Anything without major stains, holes, etc.
    • Shoes & boots- ok as long as they come in pairs
    • Food- Anything that has not been opened or is not perishable
    • Toiletries & Cleaning Supplies- Even if opened, these can be used by local organization
    • Household itemssuch as dishes, baskets, lamps, pots & pans, brooms, decorations, hangers, bathroom totes, shelving, storage boxes, etc. - Should be in general working order, not majorly damaged
    • School & Arts supplies, including book bags & backpacks - half used notebooks? Half a package of envelopes? Sharpened pencils? All fine.
    • Books- we can take pretty much anything that still has a cover and isn't wet, ripped, etc. Recycle otherwise.
    • Plants- we'll find a home for them if they are still living
    • Appliances & Electronics - if in working or repairable order, we can take them. Should be generally clean (no moldy food in fridges, please)
    • Furniture- if not majorly stained, damaged, or with holes, (and known to be bed-bug free), we can take these.
  3. Remember to recycle! All paper, cardboard, empty glass & plastic bottles and containers, cans, etc. can and should be recycled in the recycling dumpsters outside of each residence hall. Batteries and electronics SHOULD NOT GO in the trash. Instead, put them aside (we'll set out containers for these too). If there is a lot of food waste, people can bring it to the compost bins behind the IDX center, by the loading dock. Need a refresher on what can be recycled? See theSort it Out guidelines.

Summary of the 2014 Move Out Collection Dates:

Monday, April 21-Sunday, May 4: collection bins available in res halls; tent for large useable items behind Summit Hall; large dumpster behind Summit Hall for large items (trash)

Saturday, April 26: Eco-Reps and other volunteers around to help with collection items and recycling; ReSource truck to pick up large items from Summit Hall tent

Our Partners in this effort include:

Commuter Students

Live in downtown Burlington and moving out?
Take advantage of the annual Spring Move out Project (SMOP)

Thursday, May 22, 2014 from 11am-3pm ONLY!

Two locations: Loomis St. and lower Buell St., downtown Burlington

Free Recycling & Swap (trash costs cash)

Learn more about this event and the 7 Spring Move Out Tips.

Want to help with the event? contact us.

Brought to you by the Community Coalition: Champlain College, UVM Office of Student & Community Relations, UVM SGA, CEDO, Burlington Code Enforcement, Casella, Myers, 1800GotJunk, ReSource, and CSWD

Faculty & Staff

Moving out of your office?

Office Clean Out Tips:

  1. Think carefully about what items (e.g., furniture, files) you'll need in your new space, and what items you'll leave behind. Avoid moving items only to throw them away once you get there.
  2. Identify any furniture, equipment and other large items to be picked up by Physical Plant. Please submit a work order to schedule a pickup.
  3. Got old files and papers? Submit a work order to get an extra recycling bin that can be used for paper recycling.
  4. Try to use up any extra office supplies before your move.

Special Items to Separate for Reuse & Recycling:

Many items can be reused or recycled. As you pack up your office, please take the time to separate the following categories, and avoid the temptation to toss everything in one big trash bag. Clearly label all items and boxes, and stage them in a manner for the Physical Plant or Sustain Champlain crew to pick up after you've submitted your work order through SchoolDude.



Books Set these aside in a sturdy box for book collection.
Office Supplies Box unwanted, small office supplies and label "office supplies" You can drop this off yourself to the Swap Shelf in Cushing Hall or you can request the pickup as part of your work order.
Computers & Electronic Waste (floppy disks, CD's, VHS tapes, etc.) Items like old monitors, keyboards and speakers must be kept separate from other equipment, as they go to a special "e-waste" recycling facility. Please pile all computer-related items in one area, tag as "e-waste" and include this in your work order.
Scrap Metal Small metal items like shelving brackets, wire, broken staplers, etc can be recycled as "scrap metal". Keep these in a separate box and include this in your work order.

Be sure to refer to the detailed recycling guidelines page for more information on what can be recycled and how to do it.


Contact us ahead of time before your big clean out. We'll even do a "walk through" of your area to point out what can be recycled and reused.

Thanks to UVM Recycling for adapted content.