Resident Assistant

Champlain College 2012-2013 RA's.

"Being a resident assistant at Champlain College has enabled me to build lifelong friendships, develop essential leadership skills, and both create and embrace change on an individual, group, and societal level. I have benefited greatly from this real-world experience and have had a blast in the process."

—Kayla Hedman, Former Resident Assistant

Being a resident assistant is an exciting opportunity for highly motivated, highly qualified Champlain College students. Candidates are required to submit an online application, which includes uploading a resume, answering essay questions and submitting three reference forms.

Select applicants will be invited to complete both a traditional interview with current staff, as well as a group interview to observe your ability to successfully work in a team setting.


  • At least one completed semester at Champlain College
  • Demonstrated Academic Success (a 3.0 GPA is recommended, but candidates can be considered with a minimum GPA of 2.5).
  • Prior Experience Living in Campus Residence Halls Preferred
  • Desire to Help Fellow Students
  • Skills in Problem Solving & Conflict Resolution
  • Interest in Planning Activities & Events
  • Prior Leadership Experience and/or Campus Involvement
  • Strong Communication Skills and Comfort with Public Speaking

Outside of academics, the resident assistant position is required to be the top priority of the students in the role. RAs cannot be involved in activities or employment that conflict with training or job responsibilities. Exceptions to participate in leadership roles that do have overlapping training times or meetings such as being a member of the Student Government Association executive board will be made on a case by case basis. RAs may hold the peer advisor or orientation leader roles concurrently provided that they are not beginning both roles for the first time in the same semester.

  • RAs are traditionally hired for the academic year, however, consideration will still be given to candidates applying for the fall with plans to graduate in December or study abroad in the spring.
  • Each spring, current resident assistants must reapply to the position for the following academic year. Decisions to continue are based on past performance, supervisor evaluation, renewal application, and interview.
  • Any applicant, new or returning, on student conduct-related probation will not be considered.

Please click here to review the resident assistant job description.


Resident assistants are compensated with a single room in the residence hall to which they are assigned and a stipend of $1,000 per semester paid in bi-weekly installments. Resident assistants are not eligible for college employment benefits such as health insurance, the retirement plan, etc.


Applications are now available and due on Friday, November 15, 2013 for Spring 2014 positions and Friday, January 31, 2014 for Fall 2014 positions. If selected to interview, interviews for the Fall 2014 will be scheduled Monday, February 10th to Thursday February 20th, with group interviews occurring February 25th & 26th. All candidates will be notified of hiring decisions by Friday, March 7th.


During the summer, we do employ a smaller number of resident assistants as well as staff to assist us in facilitating the Summer Bridge program and managing operations in the Residential Life office. These opportunities are typically filled by current resident assistants who served on staff during the academic year prior to the summer of employment. Specifically, the available positions include:

  • Resident Assistants - During the summer months (May-August), we employ approximately five resident assistants in Spinner Place and in our summer buildings on campus to build communities in these facilities, coordinate programming, serve in a duty rotation to respond to emergency and crisis situations, and complete administrative needs such as check-ins and check-outs. Compensation includes a single room at no cost, as well as a stipend of $1,200 which is paid in equal bi-weekly installments over the summer months. Contact Melody Brook at 802.865.5487 with questions.

  • Summer Bridge Resident Assistant - This position is similar to that of the traditional resident assistant role in that it coordinates programs such as field trips, workshops and social events for transfer students enrolled in the Summer Bridge Program from July to August. Additionally, this role is responsible for serving in a duty rotation, and other administrative responsibilities mirroring those of traditional RAs. During the earlier part of the summer (May & June), this individual will work in the Student Life office. Compensation includes housing at no cost, a meal plan during the Summer Bridge Program, and $9.00 hourly for 20 hours per week ($2,340 total throughout the 13 weeks of summer). Contact Mary Hughes at 802.865.5841 with questions.

  • Office Operations Assistant - This position will be primarily responsible for administrative work in Student Life including data entry relating to room assignments, student mailboxes, key access, etc. In addition, the student in this role will share the duty rotation with the resident assistant for the Summer Bridge Program. Compensation includes housing at no cost, a meal plan during the Summer Bridge Program, and $9.00 hourly for 20 hours per week ($2,700 total throughout the 15 weeks of summer). Contact Melody Brook at 802.865.5487 with questions.

Staff wishing to be considered for any or all of the roles above should apply online using the application links below.


RAs for the campuses in Montreal and Dublin are selected by the Office of International Education. Students interested in these positions should instead send a cover letter and resume to Noah Goldblatt in the Advising & Registration Center. For questions, Noah can be reached by phone at 802.865.6464 or by email at

Resident assistants for the study abroad campus are also hired on a different timeline than the resident assistants in Vermont. The Office of International Education uses the following timeline:

Candidates Applying for the Fall Semester

  • March 15th - Student Application Deadline for Study Abroad Programs
  • April 1st - Deadline for Students to Apply for Dublin/Montreal Resident Assistant Positions
  • April 15th - International Education Notifies Resident Assistant Candidates of Decision

Candidates Applying for the Spring Semester

  • October 15th - Student Application Deadline for Study Abroad Programs
  • November 1st - Deadline for Students to Apply for Dublin/Montreal Resident Assistant Positions
  • November 15th - International Education Notifies Resident Assistant Candidates of Decision


Applications are now submitted online via the following link:

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