Champlain League Gaming Club

Champlain League Gaming Club (CLG)  is designed to provide students who enjoy the game, both for its casual features and its competitive edge, an opportunity to meet during the weekend to play or discuss the computer game. League of Legends is a popular MOBA styled game in which players form teams and compete against each other in a manner that tests both individual skill and team-oriented playing styles. As a result, players learn a lot about taking their own skills and playing styles into account in order to continue learning how to effectively play the game using the large collection of available characters and achieve victory. Furthermore, the team aspect of the game is crucial, as team harmony, strategies, and sportsmanship are required in order to successfully complete the game's objectives and outplay the other team. Champlain League Gaming Club allows students to play the game in a local setting with other students in order to enhance the experience of the team-oriented game play.

Champlain League Gaming Club meets each Saturday to play the game and discuss the current status of the game's meta-state, potential counters to bothersome champions, and other invaluable topics regarding the game's traits and eventual future. Once a month, the club hosts a competitive tournament for in-game rewards which not only allows the more skilled players an opportunity to test themselves against other players at Champlain, but it also allows more casual players to enjoy watching the club's live stream and shout-casters discuss the club's live tournament games throughout the event. The club also hosts a variety of sessions designed to allow for fun and unique games to not only allow students to play in a local environment, but also to be to experience different rules for custom games and different members on their team. Overall, Champlain League Gaming Club is not simply a means of letting players experience the game each Saturday, but more importantly, to facilitate discussion and team dynamics with other students at the college by playing in a LAN setting.