International Business Club

The International Business Club seeks to raise awareness of socio-economic disparities on local, regional and global levels. We address these disparities through examining causes and consequences of business and trade inequity, and work with non-profit organizations who are dedicated to helping the issue. The IDC also engages in fund-raising for the purpose of making donations to non-profit organizations and for "micro-lending" by providing small-scale loans to verifiable entrepreneurs and small-businesses in developing countries.

The club then derives their efforts to raising money and awareness about that certain non-profit or general world issue. Since 2007 the club has raised over $5,000 through fundraisers to non-profit organizations and distributed loans through Students did fund-raising work through local businesses, running raffles, and other events. Weekly meetings are based around world issues brought to the group's attention by its members. The club teaches members to be active participants in bettering our world by educating them on world issues, and teaching them to become independent fundraisers for developmental and humanitarian causes. For more information, contact:

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