The Wilderness Program

It is the mission of the Champlain College Wilderness Program to provide quality outdoor experiential programming with the commitment to enrich institutional initiatives. The Wilderness Program is dedicated to broadening the student experience and expanding understanding of self and community through a wilderness concept and immersion.   Check out what a few of our Wilderness Planning Team members have to say about the Wilderness program, being on the planning team, and some of their favorite trips:

"I think the best part about being on the wilderness planning team is that I get to have a say in what we do on our trips. If I want to go on a specific outdoors trip or I hear that a lot of people around school want to go on a certain trip, then I can do a little research and propose the idea to Lina and see if we can make it happen."   

— Patrick Danylik    

"Being on the planning team really gives me the ability to get what others and I want for events accomplished. No other team gives me that much control over what we here at the college get to do."

—Scott Moretto

"Bobsledding really was an awesome experience that feels like a roller coaster that doesn't slow down until the very end.  The sled just keeps going and going around the turns and your head is inches from ice and as soon as it begins, it's over."

—Ian Davis  

Throughout this program students play an intricate role in planning meetings to brainstorm new initiatives for the program. Students are encouraged to think big and Two ladies on an ice climbing trip sitting in the snowbe creative in their planning.  No activity is off limits; with careful planning and a solid safety structure anything is possible.  Some of the different trips the Wilderness Program offers include hiking, snowshoeing, ice climbing, bobsledding, white water rafting, outdoor survival classes, and back country skiing just to name a few. Suggestions for new trips are always encouraged, and all students are welcome!

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