Student Publications

Champlain knows that its campus boasts a wide range of creativity—from photographers, writers, filmmakers to people who just enjoy the literary world. Faculty and students have come together to produce three student-run publications: Chivomengro, The Crossover and Willard & Maple.

Founded in 2012 and still lurching unpredictably, Chivomengro is a motley group of Champlain College students capturing life's chaos in manageable prose and setting it down. If you're going to read something, it should probably be this.

The Crossover is Champlain's online zine. Learn the ins and outs of journalism while building your portfolio from the day you get involved. Submit your creative works from poetry to graphic design. Lend your camera or filmmaking skills to the staff and learn what it's like to work in the digital news industry.

Willard & Maple is Champlain's literary magazine. Experience what it's like to be on an editorial board. Learn how to submit your work, and who knows maybe you'll get published in this internationally known magazine. Be one of many people from around the world who Willard and Maple has published.

Champlain also has a publishing initiative, giving undergraduates an experience they can't get at other colleges. Students who are involved in the Champlain College Publishing Initiative learn what the publishing industry is like as they design, write, edit, proofread, publicize and produce both print and eBooks.

If there is a form of publication you wish Champlain has, the Student Government Association is here to help you get that started.