Student Publications

Champlain knows that its campus boasts a wide range of creativity—from photographers, writers and filmmakers to people who just enjoy the literary world. Faculty and students have come together to produce two student-run publications: Chivomengro and The Crossover.  Champlain is also currently working on developing our literary magazine, Willard and Maple.


Operating out of Champlain College since 2012, Chivomengro is a nonfiction semi-literary entity devoted to collegiate whatever. Whether it's angst, or angst—we serve it up hot and fresh on a weekly basis.
While not particularly goal-oriented, the one thing Chivomengro has stayed true to is a commitment to the writer—our contributors write what they want, when they want. And we, the mere editorial team, take pride in publishing essays on the human experience; reviews of pop culture, music, and movies; and QSLs—snapshots from ordinary life that capture a time or place. We highly encourage submissions from Champlain College students and remain open for reading on a rolling basis.

Started by Molly McGhee and Erik Shonstrom, Chivomengro forgets to take showers on a regular basis. Despite all this, we still manage to run the most controversial student publication on campus. We can be reached at

The Crossover

The Crossover is Champlain's online news and arts zine. Learn the ins and outs of journalism while building your portfolio from the day you get involved. Reporters and staff writers publish news stories, profiles, reviews and commentaries. Senior editors learn the how-to of supervision and story assignments.  The Crossover also publishes photography, multimedia pieces and artwork.  Build your portfolio and get your work published.

Champlain College Publishing Initiative

Champlain also has a publishing initiative, giving undergraduates an experience they can't get at other colleges. Students who are involved in the Champlain College Publishing Initiative learn what the publishing industry is like as they design, write, edit, proofread, publicize and produce both print and eBooks.

If there is a form of publication you wish Champlain had, the Student Government Association is here to help you get that started.