The Lodge

Student-owned mini-store The Lodge logoAs an alternative to the IDX Dining Hall or Jazzman's, students and faculty enjoy The Lodge, a student-owned mini-store located in the IDX Student Life Center. The Lodge supplies a great option for food and drink during the day, but also provides a late-night option for refueling during study sessions or evening classes.

The lodge was founded by two Champlain College International Business Majors, Paxton Hall '14, and George Taylor Bentz '14 with the help of Champlain's BYOBiz program. They assembled a team of students from the business, marketing, communications, and graphic design majors to run and manage the business, taking advantage of the diverse skill sets of all their majors. By supporting The Lodge, you're supporting the hard work of current Champlain Students.

Students currently running The Lodge:

Paxton Hall '14 in the Lodge

  • Jeremy Collins '15, Filmmaking major
  • Lindsay Knebel '15, Secondary Education major

The Lodge's vision is to exude "studentness." The Lodge will constantly be innovating and buzzing with newness. Also, The Lodge will always sell delicious food and drinks.

What is "studentness?"

Studentness is quirky, exhilarating individuality destroying institutionalization. It's thinking way beyond the "box" and being genuinely nuts in new ways that makes people laugh and have a good time in life-if normal businesses "think outside of the box," The Lodge has stolen a Mars Rover, blasted itself to Mars, and found its own little Martian cube to think outside of.

How can students get involved?

Contact The Lodge through Facebook  to fill them in on things you want. Stay up to date with their daily offers on Twitter, and let them know what you think the next awesome thing is that they should carry! Chances are that they will oblige.   The Lodge is psyched about helping student organizations fundraise and hold events. If you want to do some fundraising, let them know and they'll feature your fundraiser products and give you all of the money they raise. If you are having an event and want some coffee or cookies, ask The Lodge. Come to the Grind on Wednesday nights and hang out with the student performers and maybe even win some free goodies. Want to come up to IDX and hang out by the fire with your friends at midnight? Come on in! The Lodge is open late!   The Lodge accepts applications for employment and management internships. They have seven internship positions each year. Future and current sophomores should definitely check that out by emailing

What is a Benefit Corporation?

A Benefit Corporation is a new type of corporation that uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. The Lodge's chosen focus, as a Benefit Corporation, is to fund entrepreneurial education on Champlain's campus for all academic disciplines. Look for their published end-of-year report this May! In the meantime, check out They are also applying to receive a B-Corp score that will show you all exactly how much good they are doing. It is an empirical and thorough process that takes quite a lot of time and energy, but the results will be made public to all to show where The Lodge excels, and where they can improve. No smoke screens, the honest truth.

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