Cycling Club

The Champlain College Cycling Club (otherwise known as C4), is a fun and supportive community of primarily mountain bikers who love to ride. The club was founded in the fall of 2009.

We as a club do not currently compete in any form, though some of our members do compete individually in various events around the region, and some even compete nationally. The club is open to riders who posses at least an intermediate skill level. This means one must be generally comfortable riding most types of terrain in different conditions: single track, double track, muddy, dry, loose etc.

The club can provide bikes for those who do not have a bike here at Champlain, but would like to take part in club rides or would like to borrow a bike to ride on their own.  The Club's primary goal is to increase the interest in mountain biking at Champlain College and provide Mountain Bike enthusiasts the resources they need to do what they love.

Meeting times vary, but are always posted on Facebook. Club members typically ride every weekend.

Cycling Club

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