How Does Online Learning Work

The Online Experience

The best part of online education is its accessibility. Anywhere that you have access to the Internet, you have access to your classroom, your classmates and your professor. With Champlain's Canvas (online course software), you don't have to do a lot of downloading of previous discussions; you can catch up quickly to where you were last. It's easy to travel when you're taking an online course: Just download your assignments to your laptop, and work while you're in the airport or in the air. Because what you need is so easily accessible, an online education helps you balance family and work responsibilities - and you'll still have time to go to class.

A Network That Goes Beyond the Classroom

Online education makes your classroom as big as the world. Students from across the country and around the globe are enrolled in Champlain's graduate and continuing professional studies programs. You'll be interacting in your threaded discussions with people from different cultures, and getting exposed to new ideas and different perspectives that make the online learning environment immensely rich and rewarding. Your studies - and your particular outlook on the world - will be richer as a result.

How Does It Work?

  • Log in whenever it is convenient for you-24/7
  • All requirements are clearly stated in the course syllabus, which you will receive on the first day of class.
  • There are due dates you are expected to meet, but there are usually no requirements for what time of day-or even which day-you need to log in to read and download lectures, view assignments, reply to discussions and take tests.
  • Once the course begins, your lectures and assignments will be posted in a forum and will remain there for the entire semester.
  • The tools for submitting your work are built right into the course, including an assignment tool, a testing tool and even a self-contained email for contacting your classmates and professor privately.
  • For classes that require you to use special software-such as programming languages and Web page design applications-you will transfer files to a special student server.