Cash Card

With a CC Cash deposit account, Champlain College Students, faculty and staff can use the CC Cash Card on and off campus, to spend deposited funds. Unlike a credit card, your CC Cash amount is a prepaid debit account; you put money in first, then spend it by using your card. You'll never receive a bill from CC Cash.

What are the advantages of paying with a CC Cash Card?

You can use your CC Cash Card at anytime of the day or night. You carry less with you since your ID us already part if the card. It is easier than paying with a credit card or check! And you never have to leave campus to make a deposit into your account.

If your CC Cash Card is lost or stolen, and it is reported to the CC Cash Card Office within 48 hours (two business days), the liability limit is $50, the same as for a credit card.

How do I put money on my CC Cash Card?

Simply contact the CC Cash Card Office for an application. Bring it back in, along with your initial deposit($20 min.). Deposits can be made with cash, check and credit/debit cards.

Subsequent deposits can be made in a matter of minutes in the CC Cash Card Office during business hours.

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