Learn the most commonly used client- and server-side programming languages to build interactive, database-driven websites. Gain intermediate to advanced level knowledge of the languages, but learn how to use more than one programming language to create website functionality.

  • Identify and apply HTML/XML/XSL/CSS tags and attributes for web page design.
  • Apply database connectivity programming techniques to build secure ecommerce applications. These are the techniques necessary to prepare students to build server-side enterprise web applications.
  • Design websites using appropriate security principles, focusing specifically upon the vulnerabilities inherent in common web and other server and client implementations.
  • Apply object-oriented programming techniques and make use of frameworks and libraries of ready-made components that can be customized for a variety of applications.

Note: Some courses in this certificate program may have prerequisites. Please click on the course name for a description and prerequisite information. If prerequisites are listed that are not currently part of the certificate program please call a CPS Counselor at 888-545-3459 for more information.


Course #TitleCredits
CMIT 135Introduction to Computer Theory3
CMIT 200Relational Database3
WEBD 310Server Side Scripting3
WEBD 330Client Side Scripting3
WEBD 225Web Development II3
PLUS 1 of the following electives:
WEBD 430Advanced Client Scripting3
WEBD 325Advanced PHP Programming3
WEBD 420Server Side Alternatives3
 Total 18

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