Computer Information Technology

Businesses large and small need IT professionals with a breadth of technology skills to strategically align business needs with IT-related solutions.

Champlain's Computer Information Technology is among the most challenging and exciting computer technology programs offered by the Division of Information Technology & Sciences, and meets specific industry needs that prepares our graduates for success in today and tomorrow's economy.

Upside-Down Curriculum

You'll start taking classes in your IT courses beginning in your first semester, which allows you to develop a very broad skill set over the course of the four years of this major. Through the rigorous, industry-driven curriculum, you'll immediately start developing the big-picture perspective and versatile IT skills that businesses want. User-computer interaction is a blend of web-based applications, networking, servers, protocols and technologies, and our students receive in-depth, hands-on instruction in all of these areas. You will work with other multitalented, multifaceted students who are interested in all aspects of how technology works and what can be done with it. You will work with peers who are propelled by their creativity and knowledge as you connect computers, applications, servers and services with people, businesses and ideas.

Small Class Sizes

Classes at Champlain will never be in a giant lecture hall. In the Computer Information Technology program, your largest class size will be 24 students, and the professors you have in your first semester are the same professors who teach advanced and specialized classes. You'll have the opportunity for one-on-one interactions and mentorship from your professors, who bring their real-world knowledge into the classroom. 


Learn from instructors who are working professionals with insider perspectives. You'll learn from the CTO of the UVM Medical Center, senior IT professionals and people who work for the state of Vermont, along with many other field-tested faculty. They'll help you gain the technical and professional expertise you need to stand out.


The Computer Information Technology program answers the growing demand for expertise in web application development and information systems. You can specialize in one of these areas of focus to create a highly marketable resume. In the Web Application Development specialization, you'll create web-based environments that are interactive, functional and safe, or you can choose to specialize in Information Systems, where you'll  learn the components of operating systems, desktop computers, networking, network, web services and databases. In addition, you can enhance your skills by adding a ITS-specific minor, like Computer Science, Cybersecurity or Computer & Digital Forensics, or Web Development.


Our students are highly sought after for paid internships and positions often after their sophomore year, and have a variety of career options across the country with technology companies after graduation. Most Computer Information Technology majors have part-time jobs or internships related to their major while in school and opportunities to work during the summer.