Computer Information Technology Learning Outcomes

Through collaborations with professionals in the field, internships, classroom teaching and hands-on experience, you'll immerse yourself in Computer Information Technology techniques and procedures. This deep set of proficiencies in multiple areas will increase your integrity and marketability in today's highly competitive marketplace.

By the time you complete the academic and internship requirements for your Computer Information Technology degree, you will be able to:

  • Understand the functions and underlying technology of each of the following computer technologies: networks, servers, programming languages, and database systems.
  • Write, test, and maintain functional computer programs at the elementary/intermediate level of complexity.
  • Design and develop an interactive website using a mix of graphical, text, and programming elements appropriate to the website’s stated purposes.
  • Effectively utilize database management systems to organize, store, and retrieve data.
  • Use appropriate resources to stay abreast of the latest industry development tools and techniques.
  • Analyze the computer and information needs of a “client”; identify potential alternative solutions; select a solution that best meets the client’s needs and constraints; design, construct, test, and maintain computer application software or systems, integrating web services, databases, and network technology as appropriate to meet project criteria.
  • Demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills to explain a complex technical project to clients and the general public, describe potential competitive benefits of information technology in an operational setting, and present the potential impact of information technology on the success of a given business enterprise.
  • Acknowledge and adhere to relevant industry and organizational codes of conduct and ethics in the design of technological solutions and professional practice.

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