The computing field is constantly changing, with new innovations happening on a daily basis. By jumping into your major courses right away, you learn from trending technologies throughout your four years at Champlain. Because of our Upside-Down Curriculum, many students have multiple internships and relevant part-time employment opportunities before they graduate.

Champlain's study abroad program is a great opportunity to gain global perspective. The Computer Science & Innovation faculty built the curriculum so you can take a semester studying abroad without getting behind on required courses for your major.

Computer Science & Innovation Curriculum 2014-2015

First Year

First Semester

Intro to Mobile Development
(CSI 120)

Intro to Programming
(CSI 140)

Concepts of the Self
(COR 110)

The Rhetoric of Self
(COR 115)

Calculus I
(MTH 230)

Second Semester

Innovation I - Introduction to Emerging Technologies
(CSI 180)

Advanced Programming
(CSI 240)

Concepts of Community
(COR 120)

The Rhetoric of Community
(COR 125)

General Elective

Second Year

First Semester

Linux/Unix Programming
(CSI 230)

Data Structures & Algorithms
(CSI 281)

Discrete Mathematics
(MTH 270)

200-level COR course

200-level COR course

Second Semester

Innovation II Open Source Software Development
(CSI 280)

Database Management Systems
(CSI 300)

Intro to Networking & Security
(CIT 130) or
(NET 215)

200-level COR course

200-level COR course

Third Year

First Semester

(CSI 490)
General Elective

Global IT & Ethics
(CSI 320)

The Global Condition
(COR 310)

Human Rights & Responsibilities
(COR 320)

General Elective

Second Semester

Software Systems Analysis & Design
(CSI 335)

Innovation III - Technology Partnership
(CSI 380)

Local Contexts, Global Connections
(COR 330)

Local Contexts, Global Connections 
(COR 330)

Specialization Course 1

Fourth Year

First Semester

Software Testing, QA, & Security
(CSI 430)

Applied Software Practice I
(CSI 435)

Natural Science with Lab

Specialization Course 2

General Elective

Second Semester

College Capstone
(CCC 410)

Computer Architecture
(CSI 370)

Specialization Course 3

Specialization Course 4