About truED®

truED Corporate Partnerships are developed and supported as part of Champlain College’s Online and Continuing Education Division. Through these partnerships motivated adult learners engage in an active and applied education, rooted in a deep understanding of the needs of the workplace and delivered with strong personalized support throughout. Through continuing education, adult learners have the opportunity to accelerate and transform their careers through academic degree and professional certificate completion.

Our team works directly with talent managers, senior executives in Learning and Development, and strategic human resources to support employers as they build the skills and knowledge of their workforce.

Working in partnership, we help:

  • Match job competencies with Champlain’s academic programs.
  • Provide employers and their employees’ enhanced access to higher education.
  • Employees focus on program completion while reducing their student debt.
  • Encourage employees to continue their education as lifelong learners and support them as they progress in their careers.