truED Alliances

How Can a truED Alliance Benefit Your Organization?

Champlain creates truED Alliances with organizations that understand the importance of higher education in remaining competitive, improving employee retention and enhancing recruitment. 

Champlain's unique truED model provides Alliance organizations with the opportunity to offer their employees online access to our nationally acclaimed  degree programs for 50 percent or more off our standard tuition. With truED, employees can earn a certificate, bachelor's or master's degree with Champlain through affordable monthly payments rather than significant up-front costs.

As a truEd Alliance member, Champlain will work in partnership with your organization to:

  • Match job competencies with Champlain's online degree and certificate programs.
  • Provide your organization and employees with enhanced access to nationally recognized online higher education.
  • Help your employees to degree completion while reducing their education costs.