College visits are often short and sweet. You arrive in town, take a tour of the college, get a feel for the surrounding area, and then head off to your next destination. So when it comes time to visit Champlain College, what are the must-dos to fully experience local life in Burlington, Vermont? The New York Times feature “36 Hours in Burlington, Vt.” tells it all.

Current students may see this list and add a few new spots their Vermont bucket list. Alumni might take a look and think: “How did they not include my favorite old stomping ground?!” No matter who you are, this list will get you dreaming of quintessential Vermont and a new adventure.

Writer Kristina Samulewski pens a detailed itinerary to follow from 4 PM on a Friday through 12:30 PM on Sunday. Recommendations span from restaurants to attractions and outdoor activities, shopping, lodging accommodations, and transportation options.

The first stop on the list just so happens to be Shy Guy Gelato, located in the same building as our 194 St. Paul Street student residence. See what our students have to say about the mouth-watering gelato shop in this @champlainedu Instagram reel, part of our #BestOfVT series.

A crowd of people candidly stand in front of a table full of fresh vegetables for sale at the Burlington Farmers Market.
The Burlington Farmers Market is a great way to get to know local artists, buy local produce, and experience other unique local offerings.

Another favorite on the list is the Burlington Farmers Market, located along Pine Street, just a short walk from two convenient shuttle stops: one located at 194 St. Paul Street and the other at our Lakeside campus.

Don’t miss out on all of the other picturesque Burlington and Vermont scenes featured. Put your exploration shoes on and get to it!

Kaylee Sullivan

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