The Green Mountain Job & Retention Program is paying Vermont college graduates to live and work in the state post graduation. The new student loan repayment initiative, launched for May 2023 graduates, is encouraging young new talent to stay in the Vermont workforce.

Champlain Business Administration graduate Mohamud Diini ’23 is enrolled the program, which drew him to stay in Vermont despite thoughts of venturing elsewhere.

Diini’s story is recalled in a recent article by The Hechinger Report:

“I was, like, ‘hey, why not stay’ in Vermont? said Diini, 23, who is working as a staff accountant for the local branch of a national insurance brokerage. ‘Maybe the two years can turn into five years’ or even ‘turn into forever.’”

Initially, Diini reported thinking of leaving the Green Mountain State. But the lure of student loan repayment—$5,000 over the course of two years—convinced him to stay. He wasn’t alone in taking advantage of this offer, which seemed too good to pass up. According to the article, the program aims to support 400 working Vermonters from the Class of 2023, and 95 people have been approved so far. (Champlain 2023 grads, there’s still time to apply!)

At Champlain, hands-on education, internships, and career experience are at the center of what we do. Students forge networking connections at the College and in the greater Burlington area, allowing them to make an impression on local businesspeople who later play a role in hiring them locally. In fact, 9 out of 10 students complete one or more internships during their time at Champlain.

According to a recent study, Champlain is a net importer of skilled talent to Vermont — almost 20% of our students come from Vermont, and nearly 40% of graduates remain in Vermont after graduation. Our goal is to ensure that number continues to grow, and the Green Mountain Job & Retention Program is one more reason to stay. The beautiful lake views, mountain trails, welcoming people, and everything else that makes Vermont the great and unique place we love to call home, are all a plus, too.

Kaylee Sullivan

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