Institutional Planning: Viability and Vitality

We view institutional viability and vitality as the engine that drives diversity and inclusion work and makes it sustainable. The Institutional Planning dimension is about capacity building. As such, organizational change and leadership are the targets of this dimension with the primary focus on senior leadership and institutional structures and resources with the understanding that the impact of these efforts will be campus wide. Through the senior leaders, People Center, Financial Aid, Student Life  and Admissions, Champlain will create an infrastructure based on necessary organizational changes through division and departmental activities, and diverse and inclusive policies and practices. The following are some of the recent departmental initiatives for faculty and staff:

  • People Center
  • Admissions
    • Seeks strong partners in the charter school community that have a common vision around strong career preparation combined with a commitment to the liberal arts. There are currently two established partnerships with the Charter High School for Architecture & Design in Philadelphia and the Urban Assembly Institute of Math & Science for Young Women in New York City
  • Financial Aid - Scholarships
  • Student Life
  • Office of Diversity & Inclusion