Diversity Communications & Updates

Champlain College is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive community for all of our students, faculty, staff and local community. While we are aware the serious exploration of issues surrounding diversity and inclusion may generate conflict or tension, we see this as an opportunity for growth. We embrace this discomfort and believe it will help our organization to become stronger and our students to become effective professionals, skilled practitioners and engaged global citizens.

This page is devoted to sharing official communications about diversity and inclusion and updates on the many related programs taking place on our campus. We hope you will review these materials, actively participate in discussions and share your viewpoints.


These documents are emails and other official communications sent to the Champlain College community.

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TO: All students
FROM: Denzel Nadim, Maria Morales, Bekah Airewele (SGA)
SUBJECT: You're Invited

Fellow Students,

On October 11-12, Champlain College is hosting an event with all members of the College community to envision Champlain's future. There are many ways to get involved here on campus, online and at the Champlain Valley Expo. See invitation below with details.

As your SGA representatives, we strongly encourage all of you to participate. This is our chance to contribute our voices to the College's next strategic plan, and share our perspective on how the College can best support us and future Champlain students.

We encourage you to come into Hearthstone and/or reach out to a member of the SGA if you have questions or comments.

Denzel Nadim
Maria Morales
Bekah Airewele 

You're Invited!

Champlain College is on a journey to envision our future, begin our planning process for our next strategic plan, and enhance the ways we enable YOU, our students, to achieve professional and personal success. We hope you will collaborate with us on October 11th and 12th on campus, online and/or at the Champlain Valley Exposition in Essex Junction, VT. Let Us Dare!


Thursday, October 11, 2018, 10am - 4pm

  • Live stream* from the Champlain Valley Expo is available in Alumni Auditorium
  • "Community Conversation Activities" - Open throughout the day, in the Champlain Room, for drop-in activities such as graffiti boards and podcasting. Activities will be facilitated by Champlain College Communication and Creative Media (CCM) and Stiller School of Business students studying Event Management. Stop by at any time throughout the day!

Friday, October 12, 2018, 10am - 3pm

  • Live stream* from the Champlain Valley Expo is available in Alumni Auditorium

*Elements from the Expo being streamed will include each sessions' opening and closing remarks, and shared stories from community members across the organization. 


Thursday, October 11, 2018 and Friday, October 12, 2018, 10am - 4pm

Thursday and Friday will present opportunities for engagement online, both through real-time streaming and video. We will have facilitated Zoom conversations, streamed elements from the Champlain Valley Expo*, and online questions to solicit input and ideas for Champlain's future. All of this can be streamed right to your laptop!

*Elements from the Expo being streamed will include each sessions' opening and closing remarks, and shared stories from community members across the organization.

**Information on how to access the online elements will be sent closer to the event. 


(A Shuttle will run from Champlain College to the Expo and back)

Thursday, October 11, 2018

  • A New Vision Session, 10am - 12:30pm
  • Lunch, 12:30pm - 1:15pm
  • #Accomplish Anything Session, 1:15pm - 4pm
  • Reception, 4pm - 6pm

Friday, October 12, 2018

  • Let Us Dare All Day Session
    • Part 1, 10am - 12pm
    • Lunch, 12pm - 12:45pm
    • Part 2, 12:45pm - 3:30pm
    • Dessert Reception, 3:30pm - 4pm

*To access the full Expo schedule with descriptions of each session, please select that you will attend at the Expo on the RSVP form. You can always click back and change your response before submitting once you have read the full itinerary

RSVP by September 27th!

Link to this FAQ

TO: All faculty, staff and students
FROM: Don Laackman
SUBJECT: Message from the President - Community Update on Walkout Demands

Dear Colleagues,

On February 28, a group of students assembled in Rozendaal Courtyard to voice their concerns, hopes, and aspirations with diversity and inclusion efforts at Champlain. Since that event, Angela Batista, Laurie Quinn and I have had two meetings with the students who coordinated the walkout to better understand their perspectives and to collaboratively work together on next steps.

The Cabinet agrees wholeheartedly with many of the outcomes students desire in our journey to become a more inclusive campus. What requires more work are the processes and policies required to achieve the desired outcomes.

As a way to keep everyone informed, we have outlined a document titled, Walkout Student Demands Follow Up, which can be accessed below. Identified in the document are areas where we share desired outcomes, where we are already working to achieve these outcomes, and where we need to do more work. Each demand is followed by a description of where we are to date in our efforts and next steps as discussed with the student leaders.

We will continue the dialogue to further clarify our shared goal for a more inclusive campus and identify the means we employ to achieve this goal. Work on the outcomes included in this document will continue during the summer and we look forward to updating the community in early fall.

I thank the students for their courage and passion in giving voice to their experiences and sharing that candidly with campus leaders and our community at large. I look forward to continuing the discussion and making progress toward a more inclusive Champlain.


Donald J. Laackman
President, Champlain College 

Begin Demands and Responses Section

We DEMAND extensive Professional Development training on diversity that is mandatory for ALL faculty. Admin should hold them to a higher standard.

1.1 Mandatory Requirement for Faculty and Staff Training

Current Status

The most recent revisions to the College's Champlain 2020 Strategic Plan, approved by Cabinet and Trustees last spring, have begun to set a clear expectation for Diversity and Inclusion learning by all faculty and staff. As the summary of major revisions indicates, Pillar V of the Plan, Foster a Diverse and Inclusive Community, was revised to "focus on learning, building capacity, and assessing competency across the institution." The plan's language currently states as one of the goals of Pillar V: "Expect all staff and faculty to engage in intentional learning that will increase individual and collective intercultural competence."

Next Steps

The students and the administration agreed that there should be a formal expectation of ongoing learning for faculty and staff, including adding evidence of engagement with diversity and inclusion-related learning as part of the faculty promotion and evaluation process.

The People Center will continue to offer diversity and inclusion learning opportunities via the College's Dare U program, which is open to all employees. The majority of these learning opportunities, thus far, have been a small group format which has worked well for learning but is not easily scalable for a mandatory requirement. Thus, the People Center will enhance the diversity and inclusion educational opportunities to include both large scale in-person and online training opportunities focusing on diversity and inclusion.

Earlier this year, the People Center solicited and received proposals for larger scale in-person diversity and inclusion learning opportunities. These proposals have been used as the basis for the People Center's additional funding requests in the current Strategic Budget Planning process. Pending final funding allocations, planning for the implementation of these new opportunities is set to begin immediately with sessions taking place throughout the academic year.

Additionally, to achieve the goal of training for all employees, the People Center has recommended and included in its Strategic Budget Plan funding to support online diversity and inclusion learning opportunities. We believe the online learning option is essential in being able to ensure training opportunities are accessible and available for all employees.

Lastly, the People Center will engage Managers' Roundtable in a discussion regarding how best to have individual employees create diversity and inclusion learning goals as part of staff's overall professional development goals each year. Engaging with managers to create an effective process to do so will garner increased commitment to this need.

Faculty commitments to the ongoing learning required for an inclusive community will be advanced through the governance processes of the College. Our Deans have specific divisional goals for diversity and inclusion training and initiatives and are expected to report on these annually to the Provost. Effective engagement with these goals is one measure by which academic leadership is evaluated as part of performance assessments. Concerns and feedback specific to Core experiences have been discussed this spring by Core faculty members who responded following the walkout with an Open Letter supporting the ongoing dialogue and learning that their students urged them to advance. As part of identifying priorities for Core curricular revision during the coming academic year, issues of inclusion and representation are included in the frameworks and principles that will guide faculty work.

Faculty Senate expects to revise the annual faculty evaluation process during the coming academic year in consultation with administration. The Provost will advocate for requiring reflections on and goal-setting for learning on diversity and inclusion by all full-time faculty at each formal performance review, and also for the evaluation of promotion portfolios by the Senate's Promotion and Sabbatical Committee to include diversity and inclusion as a dimension of faculty members' required documentation of their teaching, service, and professional development. In raising these standards, it may be necessary for the Faculty Handbook to include language changes; please note that this process works through faculty governance and requires approval steps up through the Board of Trustees.

1.2 Training Opportunities for Faculty and Staff

Current Status

During the 2017-2018 academic year, there have been multiple learning opportunities focused on diversity and inclusion offered to faculty and staff.

Many presentations and events were held, in addition to a full day of learning for MLK Day, which included more than 30 learning opportunities created by the Let Us Teach Committee, convened by Professor Elaine Young with support from Laurie Quinn and Angela Batista.

Eric Ronis, Associate Professor and the Special Assistant to the Provost for Diversity and Inclusion in Academics: (1) Worked with various college committee and faculty representatives to create a first iteration of student learning outcomes for Champlain College students in terms of diversity, equity and inclusion; (2) Led another group of faculty to create an optional "inclusive classroom statement" for inclusion in syllabi; (3) Collaborated with a third group of faculty, staff and administrators to put forward a "Social Impact Scholar Track," a new academic initiative that is designed to recruit and retain incoming student leaders to raise greater awareness around diversity, inclusion and equity issues; and (4) Chaired the D&I Toolkit group to offer faculty best practices and practical teaching resources for their classrooms through a shared Canvas course shell.

Spring 2018 included: (1) A faculty and staff panel on "professionalism" through Equity, Diversity and Inclusion lens; (2) Reporting results of 48 D&I focused staff interviews and (3) a panel on teaching about violence against women and other "triggers" in the classroom.

The Diversity and Inclusion Employee Learning Design Group was constituted this spring. In the next few months, members will be added, including student representatives and the group will work to design a framework for ongoing employee learning for faculty and staff.

Next Steps

See previous answer.

We DEMAND the college should hold students accountable on social media for anything that can damage the Champlain community and take action when students feel threatened, targeted, or uncomfortable. Bias incident reports about social media sites should be taken seriously.

2.1 Ways to Report Incidents

Current Status

The College has institutionalized steps for follow-up for students and employees in case of bias incidents and these include anti retaliation policies for individuals that make reports.

If anyone is injured or in danger, call 911, and notify the Office of Campus Public Safety at (802) 865-6465. If no one is injured or in danger, contact the Office of Campus Public Safety at (802) 865-6465.

Students making a report should contact one of the following:

  1. Student Life Complaints - Vice President for Student Life at abatista@champlain.edu; (802) 651-5851
  2. Academic Complaints - Provost & Academic Affairs Office at acadaffairs@champlain.edu; (802) 860-2729
  3. Residential Life - Director of Residential Life at dberube@champlain.edu; (802) 860-2702. Area Coordinator on call - (802) 343-0719

Website: https://www.champlain.edu/faculty-and-staff/people-center/safety-and-respect-for-all/report-a-bias-incident-or-hate-crime

All Bias Reports received are reviewed by a small team that includes the the Vice President of Student Affairs and Institutional Diversity and Inclusion, the Director of Public Safety, the Director of Residential Life, and the Office of Community Standards.

Follow up is coordinated by VP Batista in Institutional Diversity and Inclusion and the specific and appropriate response and follow in each case is determined and assigned depending on the nature of the incident.

  1. Incidents involving classroom situations are resolved in collaboration with Academic Affairs.
  2. Incidents involving student on student complaints are resolved through coordinated follow up by the Office of Community Standards in Student Life.
  3. Incidents involving faculty and staff are resolved in collaboration with the People Center
  4. All Title IX related cases are reviewed and follow the process  detailed by the College's Title IX policy overseen by the College's Title IX Coordinator, Danelle Berube, (dberube@champlain.edu).

Next Steps

We are currently in the process of developing a Student Grievance Policy. Beginning in the fall, coordination of processes related to bias and grievance reports will be handled by the new Assistant Vice President (AVP) of Diversity, Community and Inclusion in partnership and under the direction of VP Batista. Once the AVP is hired, we will also work to establish a formal Bias Response Team for the College. As part of developing this team, we will review our institutional social media pages and work to set expectations more clearly for how individuals engage with one another as well as sharing our Freedom of Expression Statement more broadly.

We DEMAND admin being open to review/revise IDEA surveys and allow a category about diversity and how the professor handles topics about race, ethnicity, nationality, etc.

3.1. Revisions to IDEA Survey

Current Status

IDEA evaluations are conducted at Champlain for each class, each semester. Data is reviewed in anonymous format by the faculty member who taught, the Dean of the academic division and the Provost's Office.

The faculty member's evaluation by their Dean, and their promotion portfolio for moving to Associate Professor or to Professor, which happens only twice in their academic career, includes a significant review of their IDEA evaluations by the Dean, by a faculty peer committee, and by the Provost and President, before the promotion can be approved.

Next Steps

In the fall 2018 semester, the IDEA form will include new questions to assess how students perceive faculty members' effectiveness in creating an inclusive classroom and handling diversity issues.

We DEMAND there should be a diversity training similar to safe zone training offered for ALL student leaders and students who would like to learn how to handle diverse situations or learn more about intersectionality without being ignorant.

4.1. General Diversity and Inclusion Training for Student Leaders

Current Status

During the 2017-2018, as we conducted an overall assessment of institutional diversity efforts, various diversity and inclusion learning sessions were delivered to students and student leaders.

Offerings included:

  1. A three-hour D&I training for Resident Assistants and Residential Life staff delivered by Angela Batista.
  2. Diversity and Inclusion sessions delivered to SMART Coaches, and a couple of other ad hoc groups.
  3. An introduction to Diversity and Inclusion session at Orientation

Next Steps

Program development is being planned for the summer. The goal will be to develop a bystander intervention education framework that will allow for ongoing programming for students, faculty and staff with a strong focus on intersectionality.

4.2. Intersectional Identity and Bystander Intervention Training for Student Leaders

Current Status

We have started to research to gather research and resources about effective bystander programs. We will work to formulate a plan to develop a new Bystander program that will be informed by students and be provided to faculty, staff and students. In the meantime, we will be adding a bystander component to Orientation and to student leader training this summer (phased development and implementation).

4.3. Student Leaders Training

Current Status

During the 2017-2018, various sessions were conducted for student leaders by Institutional Diversity and Inclusion and the Student Diversity Programming team within Student Life. These included sessions for Resident Assistants and Orientation leaders.

Next Steps

This year we formed a new team to coordinate and collaborate on all student diversity programming within Student Life. The Student Diversity Program will be realigning its efforts under the leadership of the new Assistant Vice President when hired. This group will also be part of a larger team helping to design the diversity and inclusion component of new student leader trainings starting in summer 2018.

We DEMAND that administration make private conversations in regards to anything that brings public harm to the campus, PUBLIC. Administration should be informing the community about all injustices on campus, while respecting confidentiality.

5.1. Diversity and Inclusion Website

Current Status

The About Champlain Diversity & Inclusion at Champlain portal has been updated and rerouted to centralized information. (https://www.champlain.edu/about-champlain/diversity-and-inclusion)

The Home Page and Other Resources will continue to be built and updated throughout the summer. The page now contains the following highlights:

Signature Events - These events are designed to be part of of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion annual programming schedule. This category includes programs like the Annual MLK Day Celebration and the College Diversity Speakers Series (new this spring).

Diversity Council - This page contains information about the role, charge and membership about this key advisory committee made up of students, faculty and staff. Students are represented on the committee by the SGA Diversity Director and the SGA Academic Diversity Representative.

Freedom of Expression Statement - Adopted in 2016-2017 academic year

Women's Empowerment Initiative (WEI) - The Women's Empowerment Initiative aims to cultivate confidence and courage by fostering the achievements of women through college-wide programming. This initiative is supported by Institutional Diversity and Inclusion, Cabinet leaders, and the Women's and Gender Center.

Diversity Communications & Updates - This page is newly created in response to your request for more consistent, transparent and accessible updates and information. This page contains all diversity and inclusion related messages sent to the Champlain community.

Information for Students - Information about access and success programs, affinity groups and other educational resources.

Diversity Resources List - Includes resources and volunteering opportunities at Champlain and in the surrounding Burlington community.

Office of Diversity and Inclusion and Bias Reporting Form

Next Steps

The updated Institutional Diversity and Inclusion page has been created. We will continue to develop and enhance over the summer.

We will also be working to enhance the Division of Student Life's website to highlight all available student resources in a more organized and easily accessible manner. The College will continue to refine how and when to share specific details, as appropriate, as we outline our bias incident response protocol.

5.2. Diversity and Inclusion Communications

Current Status

Since receiving feedback from the students, we have realigned diversity and communication efforts to ensure that we meet the request made by students that information be made available regularly and through different means.

In addition to email updates, we now post all messages on our communication page and on social media via the ODI social media platforms.

Next Steps

We will continue to work with students and with our teams the rest of the spring and during the summer to improve communication. Suggestions are welcomed.

We would also like a meeting set in place to go in depth on our demands and to provide ways for admin to meet those demands

6.1 Meeting with Administration to Discuss Next Steps.

Current Status

The President and members of Senior Administration met with student representatives the day after the Walk Out on 3/1/18 and subsequently for further discussion and planning.

Next Steps

We will continue to work with students to schedule follow up after the summer and communicate information as we advance these efforts throughout the summer, when appropriate.


Religious holidays attendance policy/process so students don't have to negotiate on their own.

7.1 Religious and Cultural Observances and a Prayer/Meditation/Reflection Room on Campus

Current Status

We will be working collaboratively to develop a college-wide policy in consultation with all stakeholders (students, faculty, staff). We will have an update by the beginning of the fall 2018 semester.

Next Steps

The request to identify a prayer/meditation/reflection room will be folded in the College's current overall space assessment being conducted by outside consultants.

Address campus disabilities issues, especially about getting around; some buildings are not accessible.

8.1 Improve Efforts to Enhance Accessibility Throughout the College.

Current Status

The College has recently hired an Associate Director for Accessibility Services who just started a few days ago. She will be working closely with Vice President Batista and the new Assistant Vice President of Diversity, Community and Inclusion (to be hired this summer), and other members of the Institutional Diversity and Inclusion team to assess our needs and increase awareness and education.

Next Steps

While there are some limitations to what the College can do with some of our physical spaces, we are committed to increasing accessibility where possible. The College is also currently conducting a space assessment that will give us information about opportunities to consider and those results will be incorporated into an overall assessment of needs around accommodations.

Hire additional staff for ODI to have someone there who is there to respond to students when other staff is not there.

9.1 Addressing Student Needs in ODI

Current Status

The College is currently in the process of developing the budget for the new fiscal year. As part of this process, we will be assessing college needs and making decisions on what positions we can hire.

Next Steps

We will keep you updated as the process continues. We did recently approve and are in the search process for an Assistant Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion.

Hire more professors of color; it matters more in predominantly white campuses.

10.1 Increase the Number of Faculty of Color.

Current Status

This is a goal the administration already shares and actively pursues.

Currently our faculty and staff of color percentage of total is 9.3%, up from a five-year low of 8.5%, but down from a five-year high of 10.2%.

The College's searches for full-time faculty positions have been supported for three years by the Senior Recruiter in the People Center, who has expertise in diverse and inclusive recruiting. Search committees are chaired by a full-time faculty member appointed by their Dean. All faculty chairing a search are expected to ensure that the risk of implicit bias is proactively addressed in the committee's preparation and process. The applicant pools are regularly sourced through both general and diversity-specific job listing services.

This fall, we also added a direct statement to all job applications that specifically asks that all applicants speak to how they can contribute to the advancement of the College's diversity and inclusion goals. The Provost has a standard practice of asking all finalists during their interview about their approach and commitment to issues of diversity and inclusion in their classroom and their field of expertise.

Next Steps

Supporting these efforts is also a priority in the Institutional Diversity and Inclusion strategy being developed under the newly created Vice President position under the leadership of Angela Batista.

Efforts in the next few months will include working to review our current recruitment and marketing strategies to identify effective ways to reach faculty of color during the recruitment process, including where we advertise positions, exploring potential partnership opportunities and identifying national academic programs and conferences that can be targeted to recruit more diverse faculty.

During the fall of 2018, we will also begin work to develop a new "Equity Liaison" Program that will train members of the community to serve as external equity advocates in every search committee process.

Add international guests lecturers and speakers.

11.1 Increase Internationally Focused Programming.

Current Status

There are many international events and ongoing efforts to highlight international and global experience and perspective throughout the academic year. To gain a better understanding of what is happening across the college, we have started conversations and review of international speakers programming that has occurred in this current year to try to understand the level of need for expanding programming, better coordination and communication.

Examples from 2017-2018: Fulbright Scholar from Pakistan has a teaching appointment during academic year 2017-18, three internationally focused events offered by the Women's and Gender Center, scheduled guest speaker from Italy in some Core division classes in March, visits from Montreal-based professional faculty, Nations United event hosted by International Student Services annually to add visibility and awareness of the international perspectives and experiences of students, faculty, and staff through celebration.

Next Steps

Create inventory of current programs and opportunities for partnerships.

Create a process to examine effectiveness of communication about opportunities.

Create a more systematic-rather than ad hoc-approach to both including students and others in the planning of events and for communicating to students, faculty and staff.

Work with Institutional Diversity and Inclusion and other college partners to better coordinate across the many offices that invite international speakers to campus.

Sustaining on-going community conversations.

12.1 Create a Structure for Ongoing Community Conversations.

Current Status

Following the posters incident and the walkout, the campus has engaged in multiple dialogue opportunities with students, faculty and staff.

On March 26, from 5-6:30pm, the Burlington campus held another opportunity to gather together to continue talking and learning together. We are grateful to the students that gave us input to plan this event and to the faculty and staff that helped facilitate.

Another Burlington Campus Gathering will be scheduled for April. We will work to gather an inclusive group of students to help us plan that event in a couple of weeks.

Next Steps

During the summer months, we will be working with a collaborative group to help design a strategy for ongoing campus conversations starting when students return in the fall. Our goal is to identify students who are willing to work together to help us plan these events in the future.

For more information, contact Angela Batista, Vice President of Student Affairs and Institutional Diversity and Inclusion, abatista@champlain.edu.

Link to this FAQ

TO: All faculty, staff and students
FROM: Dr. Angela Batista
SUBJECT: Search launched for AVP of Diversity, Community and Inclusion

April 23, 2018

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

I am happy to share the news that Champlain College recently launched the search for an inaugural Assistant Vice President (AVP) for Diversity, Community and Inclusion.

Reporting directly to me as the Vice President for Student Affairs and Institutional Diversity and Inclusion, the AVP of Diversity, Community and Inclusion will be the leader of student diversity and inclusion programs and initiatives within the Division of Student Life, serve as an advocate for all students, and work to foster an institutional climate across the College that supports and encourages inclusive and global engagement.

The AVP will oversee a portfolio that includes Accessibility Services, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Student Engagement and Success, and the Women's and Gender Center. The AVP will serve as my strategic partner, as I enacts leadership as the College's senior diversity officer and continue to design and implement a comprehensive diversity and inclusion strategy.

The AVP will contribute to the development of the institution's short and long-range diversity and inclusion goals and objectives, assisting with the implementation and delivery of initiatives to advance institutional diversity and inclusion, including faculty, staff and student learning. The position will also contribute to student transition and success initiatives, serving on the College's Title IX team, coordinating the College's bias response and student grievance processes, and serving as a member of a forthcoming student success team.

The 12-member search committee is being chaired by Patricia Aldredge, Associate Professor in the Division of Education and Human Studies. The committee will partner with and be assisted by Spelman Johnson, a global search firm. Members of the search committee include:

  1. Patricia Aldredge, Associate Professor in the Division of Education and Human Studies (CHAIR)
  2. Tara Alexander, Class of 2018; majoring in Marketing, minoring in Global Studies with a Social Entrepreneurship specialization; from Brooklyn, N.Y.
  3. Jennifer Archambault, Associate Vice President for Human Capital
  4. Jennifer Jang, Associate Director of Student Diversity Programs, Division of Student Life
  5. Howie LeBlanco, Office of Admissions
  6. Michelle Miller, Sr. Senior Associate Provost and Professor
  7. Nadia Mitchell, Associate Director of Admissions
  8. Janet Morrison, Associate Director of Academic Advising and Adjunct Faculty, Division of Continuing Professional Studies
  9. Rowshan Nemazee, Assistant Professor Core Division
  10. Eric Ronis, Special Assistant to the Provost for Diversity and Inclusion in Academics, Associate Professor and Assistant Dean in the Division of Communication and Creative Media
  11. Absa Samba, Class of 2020; majoring in Social Work, double minors in Psychology and Global Studies; from Faji Kunda, The Gambia.
  12. Shaylea Scribner, Administrative and Events Coordinator in the President's Office and administrative liaison for the Committee

In addition to holding meetings with key stakeholders while visiting campus in late May or early June, the top candidates will also be asked to participate in an open forum open to all community members.  Please stay tuned for messaging and calendar invitations coming out soon.

If you have any questions about the search process, please contact Search Committee Chair, Patricia Aldredge at paldredge@champlain.edu.

Applications and Nominations
Champlain College has retained Spelman Johnson to assist with this search. Review of applications will begin immediately and will continue until the position is filled.

Applications received by May 7, 2018 will be assured full consideration. The position announcement can be viewed online at https://bit.ly/2xZU68W . Confidential inquiries and nominations for this position may be emailed to James M. Norfleet at jmn@spelmanjohnson.com. Applicants needing reasonable accommodation to participate in the application process should contact Spelman Johnson at 413-529-2895.


Angela Batista
Vice President of Student Affairs and Institutional Diversity and Inclusion

Link to this FAQ

TO: All faculty, staff and Burlington-based students
FROM: Dr. Angela Batista
SUBJECT: Important Message - Bias Incidents Follow-up and Pre Spring Break Reminders

March 8, 2018

Dear Members of the Champlain Community:

Over the last couple of weeks, we have continued to investigate and follow up on the recent bias incidents reported at our Burlington campus.

At this time, we have no additional information to report regarding the white nationalist posters found on our Burlington campus and no new reports of posters have been received. We continue to monitor the situation, support local law enforcement in their investigation and will provide updates to the campus community upon receipt of new information.

As I mentioned in my February 26 communication to Burlington-based students, faculty and staff, our investigation into a social media posting of a picture in digital black face is active and ongoing.

When there are matters related to alleged incidents of bias or sexual violence, the College follows policies and process outlined in detail in the College Catalog. These processes are designed to ensure safety for all involved, as well as to carry out an equitable and accountable investigation and adjudication process.   

Generally, the College does not comment on the outcomes of individual judicial cases.  This practice is not intended to disrupt transparent communications with the Champlain community, but rather to protect the privacy of all those involved in the investigation and to follow federal compliance regulations.

I want to reassure the community that if/when reports are received, we follow our process as outlined and take appropriate actions, which can range from information gathering and investigation to adjudication. When individuals are found responsible for violating college policy, as a result of an investigation and  established disciplinary processes, they may face a range of sanctions.

All members of our community are encouraged to continue to report similar incidents by using the online Bias Incident Report Form or by calling Campus Public Safety at (802)-865-6465.

Additionally, we have become aware of ongoing and challenging conversations among our students on social media focusing on race, identity and privilege. We support our students' efforts to interact and engage with each other on these issues wherever it is productive to do so. I strongly encourage all participants to uphold the principles and values outlined in both the Colleges' Diversity and  Freedom of Expression statements as they continue to engage with each other. Words and all forms of language matter and these conversations are by nature uncomfortable and complex. It is important to be mindful that whether intended or not, that the language we use can negatively impact others and our community in general.

I deeply believe that in order to build a stronger and more inclusive community, we must learn to sit in discomfort together and continue to engage and practice. To that end, I invite members of our Burlington campus to continue the conversation we started at recent student and faculty and staff gatherings. An email invitation will be sent following spring break, but please hold Monday, March 26, from 5-6:30 p.m. on your calendar, so you can participate in this ongoing and critical community discussion. In addition to our campus-based conversations, we are also committed to continuing to explore new ways to engage with students,  faculty and staff who are part of our our online programs and international campuses.

A couple of reminders about ongoing communication:

  • You can access regular updates and all diversity related communication on the diversity-specific communication page.
  • Follow the Office of Diversity and Inclusion on social media to receive regular updates.  You can follow the office on the Facebook page and via Twitter @ChamplainODI.
  • Please feel free to keep sending your questions and ideas to diversity@champlain.edu and to reach out for resources as needed.

As students prepare to head out for spring break, I hope each of you will take some time to reflect on your own values and how you can positively engage and contribute to this ongoing conversation, as well as taking time to rest and recharge. I look forward to seeing everyone after the break as we continue to work together  to build a stronger and more inclusive Champlain community.


Angela Batista
Vice President of Student Affairs and Institutional Diversity and Inclusion

Link to this FAQ


An Open Letter to the Organizers and Participants of the February 28th Walkout Event

The Walkout on February 28th was inspiring. The messages offered by the students were heartfelt and intensely important, and responding to them is vital for our community.

As such, we would like the organizers, participants, and attendees at the walk out to know this: you've been heard.

We understand that you've been hurt; made to feel invisible; forced into representational roles you didn't want; had your very family history and heritage disparaged. We heard the pain, and in the face of that, feel compelled to act.

The Core was mentioned multiple times as a place where conversations about race and identity had been handled poorly. Those difficult conversations about race, class, and gender occur in the Core as much or more than any other division on campus. We recognize that we have a responsibility — a moral obligation — to work towards honoring students of color and your experiences in the classroom.

Our message to you is twofold:

First, thank you for having the courage to stand up and fight for your education, for insisting that students of color and individuals within the LGBTQIA+ community are recognized and treated with dignity, both in the classroom and on campus.

Secondly, we know that there is clearly work to be done. We intend to meet your demand; "continue the conversation." We will be addressing your comments and concerns at an upcoming Division Meeting.

Again, there is much work to be done — we intend to start immediately.


Erik Shonstrom, Mike Kelly, Kristin Novotny, Alice Neiley, Dave Mills, Patricia DeRocher, Faith Yacubian, David Rous, Rowshan Nemazee, Mike Lange, Marlee Ford, Katheryn Wright, Jonathan Auyer, Kristin Wolf, Cyndi Brandenburg, Sanford Zale, Lionel Beasley, Elizabeth Allen-Pennebaker, Kelly Thomas, Erik Kaarla, Miriam Horne, Signe Daly, Craig Pepin, Chuck Bashaw, Erik Esckilson, Christine Brooks, Kerry Noonan, Veruska Cantelli, Flavio Rizzo, Ciaran Buckley, Joanne Farrell
*there are others in the Core faculty that support this message; some were not able to check email due to work/life/travel responsibilities prior to the publication of this letter.


Link to this FAQ

TO: All full time and part time faculty, staff and students
FROM: Don Laackman
SUBJECT: Message from the President - Response to our Students

March 5, 2018

Dear Champlain Community members,

As many of you know, last Wednesday, students of color organized and held a two-hour Black History Month Walkout on the Rozendaal courtyard.

While I was not able to be there in person, since my return many of you have shared how inspiring and meaningful this event was for our students and campus community. Our students exhibited leadership and bravery in sharing their perspectives and requests. Members of our community, in turn, showed up, listened and offered comments of support.

At the event, students shared a list of demands for Champlain, including requesting action to enhance the diversity and inclusivity of our community and the safety of our students. For those not in attendance, list of student demands is listed below under "Student Diversity & Inclusion Demands."

Here are a few developments that have taken place since the walkout:

  • On Thursday, Laurie Quinn (Provost and Senior Vice President for Academics), Angela Batista (Vice President of Student Affairs and Institutional Diversity and Inclusion) and I met with student organizers of the walkout. Students reviewed their list of demands and some additional points they have collected and reflected on since the walkout. We had a productive and respectful dialogue. I agreed to circle back with student organizers after spring break to discuss next steps. We will update the college community as our discussions continue.
  • The walkout prompted conversations among faculty, staff and students.
  • Core faculty members have shared their own response in an open letter to students, which can be read here.
  • We have created a new diversity specific communication page on the Champlain website that is to serve as a central location for updates and communications regarding campus-wide progress on diversity and inclusion. We want to ensure everyone in our campus community can access this information and contribute to our progress and I encourage you to check this page regularly.
  • Students have asked that we share information through social media in addition to email. We will use the Office of Diversity and Inclusion social media accounts to do so. You can follow the office on the Facebook page and via Twitter @ChamplainODI.

Wednesday's walkout marks an important moment for the Champlain community. This student-led walkout highlighted the work that we need to do. The walkout also showcased the best of Champlain — our students' courage and leadership, the supportive relationships we have in our community, and our willingness to continue to learn and change in response to student voices.

I ask that we continue to listen to our students' voices as they share their experiences and perspectives. We know that there are more stories that were not shared on Wednesday, and we should foster an environment where more of our students are comfortable giving voice to their issues. I look forward to partnering with you on creating and sustaining a more inclusive, caring and safe campus environment. We have a solid foundation to build on. Together, we will make a stronger Champlain.


Donald J. Laackman
President, Champlain College

Link to this FAQ


We DEMAND Extensive Professional Development training on diversity that is mandatory for ALL faculty. Admin should hold them to a higher standard.

We DEMAND the college should hold students accountable on social media  for anything that can damage the Champlain community and take action when students feel threatened, targeted, or uncomfortable. Bias incident reports about social media sites should be taken seriously.

We DEMAND admin being open to review/revise IDEA surveys and allow a category about diversity and how the professor handles topics about race, ethnicity, nationality, etc.

We DEMAND there should be a diversity training similar to safe zone training offered for all student leaders and students who would like to learn how to handle diverse situations or learn more about intersectionality without being ignorant.

We DEMAND that admin make private conversations in regards to anything that brings public harm to the campus, PUBLIC. Admin should be informing the community about all injustices on campus. With respects to confidentiality. [sic]

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FROM: Don Laackman
SUBJECT: Message from the President - Leadership Update
SEND DATE/TIME:  Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Dear Members of the Champlain Community,

I am pleased to announce the creation of a new position at Champlain — Assistant Vice President (AVP) of Diversity, Community and Inclusion. This new role reinforces our continued institutional focus on advancing diversity, inclusion and equity efforts at Champlain, in support of our institutional priorities and the goals outlined in the College's 2020 Strategic Plan.

The new AVP will report to Dr. Angela Batista, whose title is now Vice President of Student Affairs and Institutional Diversity and Inclusion. The AVP will serve as a key member of the Institutional Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Team and be a strategic partner in achieving the College's diversity and inclusion goals. Responsibilities for this role include the following:

  • Overseeing diversity and inclusion initiatives within Student Affairs and Institutional Diversity and Inclusion, including Accessibility Services, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, and the Women's and Gender Center.
  • Developing and evaluating the institution's short and long-range diversity and inclusion goals and objectives.
  • Assisting with the implementation and delivery of initiatives to advance institutional diversity and inclusion, including faculty, staff and student learning, and student transition and success initiatives.
  • Serving on the College's Title IX Team, coordinating the College's bias response and student grievance processes, and serving as a member of our forthcoming Student Success Team.
  • Collaborating broadly with internal and external partners to advance a thriving, engaged and inclusive community.  

This role marks a continuation of the work Angela has been spearheading on campus in developing Champlain's institutional diversity, inclusion and equity strategy. Since Angela came on board last summer, she has worked in consultation and collaboration with our community to advise Champlain on the structures, processes and resources necessary to more fully realize the diversity and inclusion goals and aspirations outlined in our 2020 Strategic Plan. We thank the many students, faculty and staff who have contributed their ideas and perspectives as part of this process.

With the addition of an AVP, we will be able to continue this momentum, and put into action projects and initiatives designed to create and sustain an engaging, inclusive, and caring campus environment for all students, faculty and staff.

The search process for the AVP has begun. We have contracted with Spelman Johnson, a firm that specializes in serving higher education institutions, to support us in this effort. We will update you on the search process as our plans develop.

I want to again affirm my commitment to the continuation and expansion of our diversity and inclusion efforts at Champlain. Over the next few months, we will continue to evaluate our campus needs and evolve our current structure, systems and services. This includes designing a faculty and staff training framework and evaluating and enhancing diversity and inclusion components of student orientation. We will continue to keep you apprised. I welcome your questions, comments, and insights as we move forward.

Donald J. Laackman
President, Champlain College

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FROM: Dr. Angela Batista
SUBJECT: Important Message — Update About Recent Bias Incidents on Burlington Campus
SEND DATE/TIME: Monday, February 26, 2018

Dear Members of the Champlain Community:

Last week I wrote to inform you that white nationalist posters had been found on campus. We shared our belief that Champlain, and other colleges in the Burlington area, were targets of a racist messaging campaign designed specifically to disrupt colleges across the country.

On February 23, 2018, the Burlington Police Department (BPD) issued a public statement outlining the results of the investigation undertaken to identify the individuals responsible. The BPD statement reports that there is "no evidence to suggest UVM or Champlain students were a part of the group, or facilitated its work."  It is further noted that "several of the people identified in the group that placed the posters reside out of state, with no affiliation to Burlington."

Our Campus Public Safety and Student Life staff are continuing to monitor the situation and remain in close contact with local authorities regarding this ongoing investigation.

Last week, we also received various reports about a digital blackface picture posted on social media. The College's investigation into these reports is continuing and the Office of Community Standards will follow our disciplinary process to address potential violations of any college policy as appropriate. Similar incidents should be reported using the online Bias Incident Report Form or by calling Campus Public Safety at 802-865-6465.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank students, faculty and staff who participated in various gatherings throughout the week.  We are grateful to community members who came together to discuss concerns and shared ideas and hopes for how we can continue to work to advance inclusion at Champlain.

In response to the requests that we extend this conversation and focus on action, I commit to following up with the community again in a few weeks with specific opportunities to gather for further discussion, shared learning and action planning.  I hope that many will choose to participate and encourage others to attend.

Please feel free to keep sending your questions and ideas to diversity@champlain.edu and to reach out for resources as needed.


Angela Batista

Link to this FAQ

Police Department City of Burlington

Results of Investigation of White Supremacist Posters on the UVM Campus 

Last week, posters bearing white supremacist messaging were discovered in public places on the campuses of the University of Vermont and Champlain College. While the posters themselves did not appear to rise to the level of criminal activity, a multi-jurisdictional investigation sought to identify the individuals responsible in order to determine if they were part of an extremist group with a potential for violence.

Special Agents of the Federal Bureau Investigation, in collaboration with local law enforcement partners, have been actively investigating the incident using several credible leads. They have been able to conclusively determine that several of the people identified in the group that placed the posters reside out of state, with no affiliations to the Burlington community, academic or otherwise. Another is known to investigators as a Vermonter who lives elsewhere in the state.

Although some persons involved remain unidentified, there is no evidence to suggest UVM or Champlain students were a part of the group, or facilitated its work. It does appear, however, that these individuals intended to cause strife, disruption and mistrust on local college campuses by expressing hostile and troubling messages in their public places. There is also evidence that these individuals have participated in extremist group activities in other communities.

The investigation continues. No evidence recovered suggests intentions of violence. Regardless, since violence can go hand in hand with racial extremism, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and local partners will continue to monitor the group's actions.

Mayor, City Council President and Police Chief Condemn Posters

Mayor Miro Weinberger, City Council President Jane Knodell, and Burlington Police Chief Brandon del Pozo released the following statements in response to the poster investigation's findings:

"The City of Burlington condemns both the racist sentiment articulated in the posters and the effort by outside extremists to incite discord in this community," said Mayor Miro Weinberger. "Burlington is a welcoming City that celebrates and draws strength from its diversity, and we cannot allow these instigators to divide us. We will continue to monitor these individuals and take further action as warranted. At the same time, our community must acknowledge and continue the urgent work of rooting racism and implicit bias out of all of our institutions."

"The City Council joins Mayor Weinberger and Chief del Pozo in committing to the safety of all residents of Burlington from race-based and other forms of harassment in our community," said City Council President Jane Knodell. "We all believe we are a better and stronger community because of our diversity."

"Since first learning of these acts, the Burlington Police Department has been working with federal law enforcement to conduct an investigation and ensure the safety of our community members," said Burlington Police Chief Brandon del Pozo. "We will continue to diligently monitor the situation and encourage community members to keep in mind the intent of an outside party to exacerbate tensions in our City. The issues of race and justice are real ones in Vermont, but we have to be vigilant about letting outside forces use them to create crises and to turn us against each other."

Anotonio B. Pomerleau Building - One North Avenue - Burlington, VT 05401

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FROM: Dr. Angela Batista, Katie Hawley
SUBJECT: Important Message - Update About Recent Bias Incidents on Burlington Campus
SEND DATE/TIME: Monday, February 19, 2018

Dear Champlain Community:

This past weekend posters promoting racist, white nationalistic views were found in various locations on Champlain's main campus, including the IDX student center and multiple residence halls.

As an institution, Champlain unequivocally condemns racism, bigotry and discrimination in all forms. As community members, we must continue to reject the cowardice and hatred these messages represent. The views expressed in the posters are in direct conflict with Champlain's core values and goal of creating a more diverse and inclusive community.

Our colleagues in Campus Public Safety and the Division of Student Life will investigate this matter and determine any violations of campus policy. While the individual(s) responsible for hanging these posters is yet unknown, we believe these materials are part of a larger national campaign and could continue to appear on Champlain's campus, as has occurred at nearby institutions. Similar incidents should be reported using the online Bias Incident Report Form or by calling Campus Public Safety.

As we strive to create and maintain a caring and supportive community for all, we must not be naive to the fact that actions such as this can take a psychological and physical toll on individuals' well-being. Please support those affected by listening to and validating their experience. Students seeking additional assistance should be directed to the Office of Diversity and Inclusion in IDX or the Counseling Center in Skiff Hall. Employees seeking additional resources are encouraged to contact the People Center or the College's Employee Assistance Program.


Dr. Angela Batista
Vice President, Student Life
Special Advisor to the President for Diversity and Inclusion

Katie Hawley
Vice President for People, Strategic Communications & External Affairs

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Institutional Diversity & Inclusion Update

[January 15, 2018]

The following activities and accomplishments were reported from across the College during the Fall 2017 semester.

Expand All
Collapse All
  • Outline and implement a comprehensive Diversity & Inclusion communication plan (In process)
  • Implement new institutional Bias Incident Reporting and Follow-Up Protocol and integrate CPS processes. (In process)
  • Launch, set goals for and engage the new Diversity Council (Completed)
  • Launch Diversity & Inclusion Collaborative. (In process)
  • Continue to engage students, faculty and staff to gather input around institutional needs through a Diversity Listening Tour with individuals, groups, departments, etc. (In process)
  • Collaborate with Academic Affairs in the development of inclusive classroom resources. (In process)
  • Design and Implement a new D&I Institutional Assessment plan. (In process)
Link to this FAQ

Contact: Dr. Angela Batista, Vice President of Student Life and Special Advisor to the President for Diversity and Inclusion

  • Continued to coordinate institutional efforts and serve as resource for departments, programs and groups across the College.
  • Worked to implement a D&I learning plan for the Board of Trustees and the Cabinet.
  • Began  to carry-out conversations to consider the College's institutional diversity framework (diversity, inclusion, equity, etc.).
  • Established a partnership with Academic Affairs, the People Center and Student Life to implement a framework and on-going plan for D&I Employee Learning (faculty/staff).
  • Led a collaborative effort with the Let Us Teach Committee and other partners to plan the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 2018 Celebration, sponsored by the President's Office and supported by over 25 partners across campus.
  • Guided the development and implementation of the Student Diversity Programming (SDP) Team within the Division of Student Life.
  • Continued to work with the Women's' Empowerment Initiative (WEI) leadership group to integrate the initiative into the institutional diversity strategy.
  • Continued to work to outline and implement a comprehensive Diversity & Inclusion communication plan.
Link to this FAQ

Contact: Dr. Eric Ronis, Special Assistant to the Provost for D&I in Academics

In the Fall 2017 semester, I was able to offer numerous learning opportunities around diversity and inclusion for faculty and staff, including a session in which faculty shared their own good practices with one another and two sessions in conjunction with the Center for Learning and Technology (see below for details).

  • Creating Positive Community in the Classroom (with Rebecca Mills and Kelly Thomas); attendance: 36
  • Fostering Supportive Communication Climates; attendance: 9
  • Practicing the Difficult Conversation; attendance: 4
  • Best practices for using small groups (with Rebecca Mills); attendance: 30
  • Listening, the most important skill; attendance, 11
  • Great Ideas for Teaching Students (faculty exchange); attendance, 32
  • Working with our international students (presented by Jessa Karki); attendance, 12
  • Names and Pronouns (with SGA members Bekkah Airewele, Kiana Best); attendance, 23
  • Conversation with CC staff around D&I concerns; total attendance, 48

I worked with various college committee reps to create a first iteration of student learning outcomes for Champlain College students in terms of diversity, equity and inclusion. I worked with another group of faculty to create an optional  "inclusive classroom statement" for inclusion in syllabi. I worked with yet another group of faculty, staff and administrators to put forward a "Social Impact Scholar Track," a new academic initiative that will hopefully raise even greater awareness around diversity, inclusion and equity issues. Finally, I chaired the D&I Toolkit group to offer faculty best practices through a shared Canvas course shell.

Plans for Spring 2018 include:

  • A panel on "professionalism" through an E/D/I lens
  • A presentation to Champlain College staff on the results of my interviews with 48 of them around their D&I related concerns
  • Gathering feedback from the community on the learning outcomes document, the optional syllabus statement, and the Canvas D&I toolkit.
  • Hands-on workshop sessions to provide learning opportunities for faculty and staff.
  • Continued work on the Social impact Scholar Program to ready it for launch in Fall 2018.
Link to this FAQ

CPS continues to make diversity and inclusion a priority, by virtue of necessity. As our students of color have increasingly been over-represented on the conditional probation and dismissal lists, and are leaving the institution at a greater pace, it is clear we need to be thinking differently about how we are supporting these students. To that end, CPS has

  1. Required all students to undertake a mandatory orientation course to prepare them for the type of work expected in online programs;
  2. Created a rubric for "at risk" that allows us to begin to support students more directly and purposefully as they enter the institution and throughout their life cycles;
  3. Lobbied for the kinds of supportive academic training, coaching, and tutoring that would enable them to be successful academically;
  4. Begun building a course required of all new students that would teach them about who they are as learners and help them to create academic habits of success;
  5. Required all students who do not present as strong writers to take ENGL 111, an introduction to college-level writing, so that they will be prepared in our writing intensive courses;
  6. Undertaken several training modules for advisors and faculty to support students of color both inside and outside the classroom;
  7. Required all new staff and faculty to go through Intercultural University as a way of establishing a culture that situates our students - of all backgrounds - at the center of the experience of teaching and working here. (I'm not sure how we will move forward with this initiative without IU.)

The intention is to begin to see some movement in the data that suggest our students of color are not performing at the same rate as those in the majority groups.

Supporting diversity and inclusion is an ongoing endeavor and one that will remain at the top of the list of priorities as we continue to grow our student population, hire to support those students, and work to get them to graduation.

Link to this FAQ

The Core Division sponsored a workshop featuring Angela Batista titled, Understanding Intent vs Impact and Developing Skills to Engage Others Inclusively that was very well attended by faculty and staff from across campus.

Dean Betsy Beaulieu offered a customized section of COR 220:Aesthetic Expressions that focused on African American creative expression. The class spent a long weekend in Washington, DC where they saw a performance by Carrie Mae Weems at the Kennedy Center and visited the National Museum of African American History & Culture.

Brian Murphy was instrumental in helping Lydia Clemmons, of the Clemmons Family Farm, apply for and receive a massive grant.  This work was done in partnership with Roz Whitaker-Heck from the CCM Division.

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Contact: Dr. Angela Batista, Vice President of Student Life and Special Advisor to the President for Diversity and Inclusion

Launched an expanded Diversity Council and set a working plan for the year.  More information about work of the Council will be shared in the near future. Visit our website for a list of current council members.

Link to this FAQ

Organized by Roz Whitaker-Heck (CCM)

  • Shades of Me: The Women of Color Affinity Group participated in the Vermont Reads 2017 Project which involved reading the novel Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson. One of the first activities was a reading retreat with six members at the Clemmons Family Farm. The next evening, we went to Burlington High School to meet the author for a book signing and talk.  The final event was an Art Showcase put on by Shades of Me. The art ranged from poems about their own experiences as women of color to photography they had taken to explain their lives. There were about twenty people who attended this event at the Women's and Gender Center.
  • The Clemmons Family Farm's Sense of Place project is a collaboration with the Division of Communication and Creative Media and the Core Division made possible by a Perry Chair Innovations 2016-2017 grant and a recent $350,000 grant through Artplace America. The 2.5 year project involves the transformation of the African American-owned farm into a multicultural heritage center.

Van Dora Williams (CCM)  and Kristin Novotny (Core) partnered up in Fall 2017 to bring together students from a Core Bodies class and a Broadcast class to discuss the impacts and effect of visual stereotyping and the ethical implications of content creation.

Fall 2017-Spring 2018

As part of its 2017-2020 Strategic Plan, the CCM Division established a CCM D&I Taskforce to help cultivate a faculty environment in CCM that fosters knowledge, self-awareness, inclusivity, and equity. The D&I Taskforce is also leading an initiative to help faculty integrate into specific courses content and materials that reflect diverse perspectives and create assignments that require students to identify and interact with diverse populations.

Link to this FAQ

The Division of Education & Human Studies is in a year of strategic planning, our Imagine EHS project.  Diversity & Inclusion will be one of the elements of focus for Imagine EHS during the Spring 2018 semester.

Link to this FAQ

Contact: Dr. Lisa Bunders, Vice President of Enrollment Management

  • Partnered with Enrollment Management to identify how to leverage personnel and other resources to enhance the recruitment and admission processes.
  • Created a partnership with the City of Burlington; hosted Pathways to College and Career Fair - Chittenden's first access college fair with Vermont colleges. Focused on helping underrepresented, underserved, and under-resourced VT students learn about the scholarships available to them at various institutions throughout the State.
  • Saw an increase in applicants from our pathways schools; Over 30 students plan to attend this year's College Pathways Visit Program at the end of January. Currently in the process of adding a new pathways school from the Bronx, NY.
  • Developed a closer relationship with ODI to help inform each other of the work that needs to be done around Access and Success to support our current and future CARE cohorts.
  • Developed specific workshops for high school freshmen and sophomore, who are first-generation, low-income and New Americans, to help them begin to imagine that a college degree is possible for them and how to develop a strong application.
  • Increased awareness within Chittenden schools around the institutional scholarships available to Vermont students; New American Scholarship & Vermont First
  • Created and shared training and resources to help Admissions Counselors and Student Ambassadors navigate conversations with families, students, and counselors relating to the campus' visibility projects, gender non-conforming students, and support for diverse students on campus.
  • Worked with various departments to collect data and information on the current CARE cohorts in regards to the way each was integrated and oriented to Champlain. The goal is to discover the strengths of each program and learn how the program set the students up for academic successes. The outcome will be to develop an effective strategy to transition future CARE cohorts to Champlain College.
  • Summer Projects:
    • Plans to expand the College Pathways program to include more schools and organizations, especially within the KIPP network.
    • As an anti-melt initiative: Continue to strengthen the communication plan, in which was developed last Summer, to guide incoming CARE students in completing new student responsibilities/tasks during a period when they are without school counselors; Summer months and a period many students of color, low-income, and underrepresented students tend to melt away.
    • As an anti-melt initiative: Expand upon last year's "virtual" gaming event for admitted students to engage with current students and Champlain staff. The virtual admitted event allows students to engage and participate in a way that takes into consideration their needs and what is comfortable for some students.
  • In October the Enrollment Service Center (ESC) changed its name to Compass Student Services. Compass Student Services reflects our students-first philosophy. Further, without a focus on admissions, "Enrollment Service Center" was misleading and not inclusive of all the work that we do and all the students that we serve, such as CPS, on-campus, traditional undergrad, and graduate students.
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Contact: Dr. Brian Murphy, Assistant Professor Core Division

We offered a well-attended program called "The Safety Paradox," open to the entire campus and linked to curriculum through two sections of COR 320: Human Rights and Responsibilities. The event included a faculty panel and group discussion, and showcased the scholarship of Dr. Katheryn Wright of the Core Division, whose essay "The Safety Paradox" provided the point of departure for the discussion of free speech, safe spaces, brave spaces, and inclusion on campus and in the classroom. Members of the committee also contributed to other faculty development opportunities and programming aimed at making Champlain more diverse and inclusive, including the film screening and cross-disciplinary discussion on The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.

Spring 2018: Members of the committee will continue to contribute to efforts across campus aimed at making Champlain more diverse, inclusive, and equitable, through open inquiry and innovative thinking. For example, we will participate in the panel on the concept of "professional" through an e/d/i lens, and other upcoming events. Further, we are working to collaborate with faculty in every division to create a framework for professional development in terms of e/d/i, through which any faculty member from any background or level of experience can incorporate inclusive strategies in their teaching.

Link to this FAQ

Contact: Shelley Navari, Vice President

  • Working to continue to ensure we have a diversified pool of candidates of the recruitment process for our open positions
  • Supporting and encouraging participation in learning opportunities to enhance our awareness and lens in this space.
  • Increasing outreach to known population of students who need additional student financial support.
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Lead: Robert Caldwell, Vice President of Institutional  Advancement

Launched Champlainconnect.org. This is a constituency-wide (alumni, parents, faculty, staff, students, friends) professional networking platform for individuals to connect through career, industry and profession. Individuals can connect, seek or offer job, mentoring and internship opportunities, and access a number of other related benefits across all geographies and demographics across the globe. Use of this platform is provided through Advancement at no cost to the user.

Stewarded 64 endowed scholarship fund donor families through fund reports and introduction profile of the student scholarship recipients.

Raised the following funds (YTD-as of December 31, 2017):

Support-A-Student Scholarship $450,553
Single Parents Program $227,023
Single Parents Emergency Fund $18,960
New American Scholarship Fund $10,225
Yellow Ribbon Program $7,210
Student Angel Emergency Fund $3,520
Vermont First Scholarships $21,345
Pratt Scholarship for Diversity $200,000
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Contact: Bianca Bellot, Associate Director of ODI and Student Engagement

  • Helped organize and run a pre-orientation program (AHEAD) for incoming first year students that identify as: first generation, students in need of financial support, students of color, and participants in the CARE scholarship program.
    • AHEAD leadership team submitted an application to have the program nationally recognized through NASPA.
  • Held a re-opening party to showcase the new and improved ODI office space and recognize new staff on campus.
  • Continued support to transition to college for our new cohort of first year CARE (Pathways) students.  Includes:
    • Weekly program called "Education Empowerment" where Monday-Thursday different Faculty/Staff from across the college spend an office hour in the ODI providing academic support to students.
    • Weekly CARE meetings to check in, provide academic and social support, etc.
  • Began working collaboratively with the Student Diversity Programmers team to continue efforts to promote collaboration across our various offices in Student Life in terms of diversity focused and themed programs for the campus community.
  • Worked with Residential Life to expand and enhance Native History Month programming, including hosting a keynote speaker, Dallas Goldtooth.   
  • Implemented more focused efforts to address the needs of food insecure students on campus by:
    • Creating a working group to address these needs
    • Starting a Food Pantry on campus located in the Swap Shop in the basement of Skiff Hall.
      • Includes a tracking system to help the College continue to assess need.
    • Holding a food donation drive the first week of Spring 2018.
    • Continuing conversations about long term solutions regarding food waste, food pantry stocking/monitoring, and potential partnerships with Sodexo.
  • Supported the implementation of a new student Latinx group (Alianza Latinx) on campus supporting the needs and desires of students on campus that identify as Latino/Latina/Latinx.
    • Included a large scale Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebration as their first signature event.
  • Supported visibility projects, which included painting and engaging students in dialogue around a Pride and Black Lives Matter crosswalk on-campus.
  • ODI, in collaboration with Center for Service and Sustainability, and Women's and Gender Center, started a Basketball Mentorship Program with Edmunds Middle School.
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Contact: Michelle Miller, Sr. Associate Provost

  • OIE staff members have been participating in campus-wide diversity & inclusion initiatives:
    • Jessa Karki will join the Diversity Council.
    • Noah Goldblatt has been working with Eric Ronis and other faculty and staff to develop Equity, Diversity and Inclusion outcomes for the College.
    • Jessa Karki developed and presented "The World Around You: International Students in Your Classroom," multiple times this past year to various audiences.
  • OIE has begun distributing a series of monthly newsletters to faculty and staff to keep them informed about our international students and our Burlington-based students studying abroad. Check them out here if you missed them earlier.
  • We are undertaking several initiatives to support student populations for whom study abroad is difficult.
    • We are implementing a new financial model that will provide students with more affordable choices for study abroad.
    • We are partnering with a single parent student to develop better support resources for single parents who would like to take advantage of our global opportunities.
    • Our "Students First, Always" focus for this year has driven us to think more "outside the box" about how we can meet individual students' needs.
  • International students took center stage at the Nations United event with speeches about comparative cultures. International Education Week provided seven other opportunities for community learning, including a workshop about name pronunciation organized by students.

The Office of International Education joined the Diversity Abroad Network this year to enhance our ability to support inclusive excellence in international education

Link to this FAQ

Contact: Katie Hawley, Vice President for People, Strategic Communications & External Relations

  • Participated in "Let Us Teach" planning committee celebrating the life of Martin Luther King.
  • Coordinated diversity, inclusion and equity session at Manager's Roundtable.
  • In conjunction with Student Life, offered "Pronouns are Everywhere" and "Safe Zone Training" Dare U workshops.
  • Dana Hutchins facilitated the Deliberative Dialogue series on global diversity, domestic diversity, privilege and systems.
  • People Center staff member participated in "Change the Story" to learn about gender bias in HR practices.
  • Signed on to Vermont's Pay Equity Compact.
  • Offered the recruitment bias training as a Dare U session, in addition to the training provided at the start of a formalized search process.
  • Hosted series of diversity listening sessions facilitated by Dr. Eric Ronis
  • Offered Practicing the Difficult Conversation, Listening by Eric Ronis
  • Jennifer Archambault participated in NASPA's Diversity and MulticuLtural conference, as part of the institutional diversity learning collaborative.
  • Katie Hawley is participating in an 18-month professional development program focusing on organizational development and diversity.
  • The People Center team holds a special meeting each meeting to facilitate continued professional growth regarding diversity, inclusion and equity.

Plan for Spring 2018:

  • The People Center will continue to hold a special meeting each meeting to facilitate continued professional growth regarding diversity, inclusion and equity.
  • Offering Diversity Book Series for faculty and staff beginning January 24. Selected books  for the Spring semester include Yaa Gyasi's Homegoing and Jesmyn Ward's Salvage the Bone
  • Offering the recruitment bias training as a Dare U session, in addition to the training provided at the start of each formalized search process
  • Jennifer Archambault continues to serve on the Diversity Council
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Contact: Katie Hawley, Vice President for People, Strategic Communications & External Relations

  • Coordinated creation of the new Black Lives Matter crosswalk and relocation of the Rainbow Crosswalk (relocated due to State regulations regarding crosswalks)
  • Created visuals and graphics to demonstrate institutional support for diversity crosswalks, re-opening of Office of Diversity and Inclusion and Outright Vermont's Fire Truck Pull
  • Supported development of leadership materials in response to Charlottesville and DACA. Strategic Communications and People Center worked together to sign on Champlain to the Vermont Equal Pay Compact.
  • Worked with Champlain Admissions and CEDO to promote "Pathways to College and Career" Fair on November 3
  • Provided media support for article on pronouns
  • Staff attended Diversity Listening Session hosted by Eric Ronis

Spring 2018

  • Crafted press release and extended media invitation for MLK events
  • Social media support for Lavender graduation, women's empowerment initiative and MLK event.
  • Some staff planning to participate in Diversity and Inclusion Book Club
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Contact: Jennifer Jang, Associate Director of Student Diversity Programs and Student Engagement

The Student Diversity Programming Team includes representatives from all the departments within the Division of Student Life responsible for designing and executing student diversity programs. These include the: Student Engagement, Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Residential Life and Student Engagement/Student Diversity Programming, Student Support Resources (Single Parents Program, first generation, commuters and other student groups) and the Women's and Gender Center. This fall the group worked together to agree on a philosophical framework for their work, including developing a mission and mission statement, learning outcomes and goals, core practices, a list of overall diversity and inclusion initiatives, and signature programs.

Programmatic Highlights:

  • Hosted our bi-annual Student Diversity Retreat, AWARE*, where students engage in simulations, reflect on their own identities, learn about other's identities, dialogue about difference, and leave feeling connected to new friends and our Champlain community. (AWARE* = Acknowledging Worldliness while Accepting Respecting and Engaging with others).
  • Held Lunch & Learn presentations on topics such as service dog 101, Intro to Mandarin Chinese, and accessibility issues for those with disabilities.
  • Collaborated with other diversity programmers on campus to share and unite diversity programming efforts.
  • The Diversity Ambassadors, student peer educators and programmers,, held weekly programs covering a variety of diversity topics including race, gender, mental health, indigenous people, and cultural celebrations.
  • Plans to set foundation in the spring to host a Tunnel of Oppression in Fall 2018 - an interactive simulation that helps participants understand and empathize with diversity issues such as race, class, mental health, and intimate partner violence.
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Contact: Maggie Melvin, Associate Director of Women's and Gender Center

The Women's Empowerment Initiative is in an exciting transition year with the dawn of new institutional senior leadership. The Initiative will take the form of a series of events for the 2017-2018 year that relate to the goals of WEI. You can learn more about the mission and events for 2017-2018 at www.champlain.edu/wei.  

We are currently seeking members of our community to join a Women's Empowerment Initiative Programming Team to help plan events for the spring semester and next academic year. If you are interested in learning more and/or joining this team, please contact Maggie Melvin at mmelvin@champlain.edu.

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Contact: Maggie Melvin, Associate Director of Women's and Gender Center

The Women's and Gender Center has had a robust fall semester, in large part due to the many enriching programs with students (48 programs with 607 student attendees), the emergence of a WGC Stakeholder Group comprised of 30+ passionate staff and faculty, and the intentional collaboration among other institutional partners engaging in diversity programming.  The Center is planning its first Women's Leadership Retreat for early in the spring semester that will be a chalk full weekend for approx. 20 women students from all years and majors to come together to learn more about their personal leadership styles, explore new ways to develop their leadership skills, hear from local women and student leaders, and leave feeling empowered, inspired, and connected to other women on campus and in the community.

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