Pay it Forward Diversity Awards

Champlain College launched the Pay it Forward Diversity Awards to recognize people doing great work in the four dimensions of the framework our diversity strategic plan is built on. These award recipients will then find someone doing great either in the area they were recognized for or another of the dimensions to 'pay' their award forward to; there are two rounds each year.

We have had six iterations of the award for the Intercultural Champions here at Champlain College. We have since added a partner/community component parallel to our internal awards; this  is the second iteration in recognition of the hard work of our community organizations and partners.

The four dimensions of our diversity framework are:

Access and Success

Recruiting and retaining pipeline programs, removing barriers to entry, mentoring, support

Climate and intergroup relationships

Building bridges, creating understanding, creating programs that meet specific cultural needs, celebrating various cultures and identities

Education and Training

Developing both US and International or integrated (global) cultural competence

Institutional Viability and Vitality

Diversification in leadership, leadership actions, coordinating organizational change to achieve diversity and inclusion goals

Internal Component - Faculty and Staff Recipients
External Component - Community Partner Recipients