Largest Ever Collection of International Photos Judged

The Office of International Education would like to thank all the participants for sending in so many amazing photos, the judges for all their hard work on selecting the top photos and to MIC Miller Information Common's staff for hosting the reception. Here are the winners of the 6th Annual International Photo Contest:

People & Culture

1st Place $75 Kate Young

2nd Place $50 Brandon Jones

3rd Place $25 Katie King

Honorable Mention Nicole Handel

Honorable Mention Julie Richards

Honorable Mention Charles Stemen

Honorable Mention Jessica Chappel

Landscape & the Natural World

1st Place $75 Shelley Richardson

2nd Place $50 Keith Sariol

3rd Place $25 Samuel McGuire

Honorable Mention Patrick O'Brien


1st Place $75 Samuel McGuire

2nd Place $50 Nicole Handel

3rd Place $25 Kate Young

Honorable Mention Steven Sarkisian

People's Choice Winners:

People & Culture: Nicole Handel

Landscape: Samuel McGuire

Architecture: Patrick Volz

Judges Comments:

Balloon Man

1st Place: Kate Young - Balloon Man, #20

The color, framing, scene and subject of this photo are all so perfect it looks like it was staged vs. a moment in time. The feeling of quiet rest while watching the world go by gives insight into this man's life.

2nd Place: Brandon Jones -eticulous, #16
The perfect focus and composition of this shot enhances the sense of craftsmanship portrayed. We like the contrast of the persons ‘working' hands to the delicate nature of the work they're doing. This photo highlights the significant cultural and historical importance of mosaic in Middle Eastern culture.

3rd Place: Katie King - Vera Pelle, #27
This photo shows the industrial side of Italy vs. the beautiful scenic views we're used to seeing. The black & white photo, which is an excellent fit for the leather market, gives the feeling that the photo was taken in the 40's. It has amazing composition-with showing the leather shop in the foreground and the view of the worker and the outside of the shop in the mirror. This photo captures perfectly the feeling of a stall in an outdoor market in Europe.

Honorable Mentions:
#2 Diego's Eyes: Nicole Handel
#7 Here I Am: Julie Richards
#14 Fijian School Children: Charlie Stemen
#35 Flying Colors: Jessica Chappel



1st Place: Shelley Richardson - Hungry Caracal, #3
We felt this pictured belonged in National Geographic. There were a lot of great animal photos but none that we felt captured the animal in such an intimate way. We were impressed by the amount of detail that the photographer was able to capture-from the caracal's sharp teeth and bright tongue to the hair at the end of its ears. The caracal's frozen focus contrasts the potential explosion of speed and power once the hunt begins. This is Africa.

2nd Place: Keith Sariol - Day & Night...a Day Atop Mt. Royal, #28

This photo is a traditional view of Montreal done in a very unique way. It rated very high for artistic merit because it combines strong technical skill with imagination. The blending of day and night is perfect, giving the illusion the two could co-exist.

3rd Place: Samuel McGuire Haitian Fisherman, #4
The color in this photograph is startling. The contrast between the clear pristine water and the dirty hard working boats sets a provoking scene.

Honorable Mention: Patrick O'Brien - Snail Pasture, #23

The photographer captured so much detail in this photo. It has amazing color and texture-from the vibrant yellow flowers to the subtle drops of rain hanging from the barbwire fence.


Lone parishioner

1st Place: Samuel McGuire - The Lone Parishoner, #4
This beautiful piece depicts undaunted faith. Even massive destruction cannot prevent this parishioner from conducting his private ritual in the sunwashed ruins. As a photograph it is well framed and the light and shadow create strong composition. In terms of global perspective, the photo shows it is possible to find beauty, peace and reverence in a country that experienced horrific tragedy.

2nd Place: Nicole Handel - Italy in Color, #2

We noticed this photograph because it was not the typical tourist view of a canal in Venice. The disappearing path of the canal creates a bit of mystery and adventure. The brilliant colors of the houses and the reflective water make it a very interesting composition.

3rd Place: Kate Young - Two Paths Diverged, #20

This Japanese subject emphasizes geometry and contrasting light and shadow. The perspective is interesting in that the paths do not move away from the audience, but seem to move toward the audience, making one wonder who might be about to appear. We liked the drama of the horizontal and vertical lines.

Honorable Mention: Steven Sarkisian -# 44 The Metro

People's Choice Winners: (anyone could vote)

people choice

People & Culture: # 2: Diego's Eyes - Nicole Handel

Landscape: # 4: Haitian Fishermen -Samuel McGuire

Architecture: # 18: De Adriaan- Patrick Volz

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