Green Meetings

Champlain College is a well prepared venue to hold your green meetings. Let us help you by meeting at our earth friendly venue!

Tips for making your meetings green

What you can do:

  • Go paperless: Use media and electronic technology to reduce paper use. You can do this from the start to end of your meeting/conference by advertising on the Web, doing registration online, and putting presentations on the web for people to download instead of handing out notes.
  • Educate your Attendees: Inform your attendees ahead of time of your mission to have a greener meeting.
  • Work with the Event Center: Work with our office on every detail and express your wants/needs /expectations for your conference or meeting.
  • Inform Attendees about Transportation:  Encourage attendees to reduce their carbon footprint by choosing public transportation, carpooling, and walking.
  • Choose a reusable give-away: If you include a give-way with registration be sure to choose something such as a reusable water bottle that can be used during the conference at the water stations.

What we can do to help:

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, & Compost: Champlain College does all four!
  • Eat Green: Champlain College is part of the Vermont Fresh Network and our catering service provider uses local and seasonal produce when possible and when requested.
  • Use Bulk: Our catering service provider will provide bulk food and beverage (including water and condiments) when requested, rather than individually packaged servings.
  • Save Energy: Our facilities have energy savings systems built in with integrated air and lights to help conserve energy when the space isn't in use.
  • We are a central location. Champlain College is very close to the airport and in walking distance to the well-known downtown Church Street Marketplace with plentiful shopping and dining options. The campus is small enough to walk to all buildings within a few minutes.

Here is a guide to greening your event!

Examples of ways that Champlain is going green

  • Green roof at IDX Center which eases storm water runoff, keeps building cooler in the summer, and keeps building warmer in the winter
  • Aiken Hall is a LEED Gold Certified building
  • Local Food Purchasing; Vermont Fresh Network member
  • Fair Trade & Organic Coffee
  • Pre- & Post-consumer composting in the dining hall
  • All lawn debris goes to the Intervale composting center
  • Increased use of motion sensor lighting
  • Compact florescent light bulb exchange program
  • Installation of low-flow shower heads in all residence halls which result in 30% savings
  • Single stream recycling for wide variety of paper products, plastics #1-7, glass, and aluminum.
  • Water filling stations, for filling your reusable water bottles, and water fountains placed in numerous spaces on campus. 

We are becoming a greener campus with the help from our partners at:

Burlington Electric, Campus Area Transportation Management Association, CarShare Vermont, CCTA, Chittenden Solid Waste District, Efficiency Vermont, Vermont Fresh Network, Vermont Gas