NEASC Self-Study 2015

Orientation at Perry Hall

Champlain College is undergoing its ten-year comprehensive evaluation for accreditation. Visit our NEASC webpages to learn more about the evaluation, the people involved in the self-study and the opportunities for community engagement. If you have any questions or want more information, send us an email. We look forward to your involvement in Champlain's Self-Study Process.
NEASC Steering Committee

2015 Happenings & Events

  • January 21: All Campus Update, NEASC Projection Presentation
  • January 26: Steering Committee meeting
  • February 3: Projections featured at Managers' Round Table
  • February 20: Steering Committee meeting
  • March 30 - April 17: Community Comment Period
  • April 9: Site Visit by Visiting Team Chair
  • April 20: Steering Committee meeting
  • June: Submit draft to NEASC for review
  • August 11: Summer Steering Committee meeting
  • September: Submit completed Self-Study materials to NEASC
  • Nov 1-4: NEASC Visiting Team hosted at Champlain College

Watch a Prezi overview of the self-study process and then learn more about the self-study process and timeline here.

NEASC Prezi Presentation

Visit the NEASC CIHE website to learn more about the Accreditation Standards.