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Join Us in Envisioning the Future of Champlain College

On January 21, 2015 President Laackman announced the launch of the Champlain College Futures Initiative. Through the Champlain Futures Initiative, Champlain College will bring intentionality and mindfulness to identifying emerging trends and opportunities, understanding our strengths, and building on these strengths to position the College for success as the future unfolds.

Initiative Goals

  • Create sustainable processes that ensure a culture of innovation endures beyond any one strategic plan or leader. (long-term)
  • Build from what works.  Identify strengths.
  • Bring discipline and intention to further developing our culture of innovation on campus.
  • Identify new trends in business, tech, education, etc.

Generate as many ideas about Champlain's future (beyond 2020) as possible. (short-term)

  • Exercise for all of us.
  • Engage the whole community. Crowdsourcing. More minds are better than one.
  • Inspire and capture our best thinking on what Champlain can become.

Help Define the Future

President Laackman invites the Champlain Community to join him in envisioning, and ultimately defining, the future of the college. In the upcoming months we will be defining the ways in which members of the Champlain Community can have an active role in this process.

Please check back for updates on how you can participate!