Initial Findings From Spyglass Sessions

Futures Initiative


Spyglass Data Narrative:

In the spring of 2015 the Futures Initiative engaged over 500 faculty, staff, students, alumni, trustee members and external partners in over 20 spyglass sessions. The data from each spyglass session was collected and analyzed by 3 separate parties between June and August, 2015. Each party represented a different stakeholder group including one third party consultant, one Champlain faculty and one staff Champlain administrator. Each party approached identifying themes in the data a bit differently. The Champlain faculty and staff representatives identified themes by reviewing the data as one comprehensive data set. The third party consultant identified themes by first categorizing the data based on the specific questions asked in the spyglass sessions. The findings from the three analyses will be presented in five community open sessions in September 2015 where we will seek feedback from the community on the findings in order to finalize the data analysis and to determine next steps.