Phase Two: Update 2020

Futures Initiative

Putting the Futures Initiative to Action:

In the summer of 2016, President Laackman asked Michelle Miller, Sr. Associate Provost and Jen Sweeney, Director of Institutional Projects, to conduct an analysis of the college's 10-year strategic plan. Specifically, he wanted to know how well we were doing in achieving the goals that were written in 2010. The analysis found that we had achieved 86% of the measurable metrics detailed in the 2020 plan. The analysis also offered an opportunity for the college to revisit and update specific areas of the plan. Using the Futures Initiative's framework of cross-unit collaboration, flexible structures for managing work and clear communication, Michelle Miller and Jen Sweeney led those efforts during the 2016-2017 academic year to update the 2020 plan. In June of 2017, the updates were presented to the Board of Trustees and were approved.

Updated 2020 Strategic Plan.

Summary of High-Level Strategic Plan Updates.