Champlain College Online

Who We Are and What We Stand For

Transforming Careers, Enhancing Lives

As the online, national division of Champlain College, we have the great honor and responsibility to transform careers and enhance the lives of working adults- and adults seeking to return to the workplace - across the country through an active and applied higher education.

At Champlain College Online, our nationally recognized and critically acclaimed online bachelor's, master's and certificate programs are fueled by our passion for adult learning and driven by our Values Lens.

What We Stand For: Our Values Lens

Ask anyone at Champlain College Online what motivates them to come to work each day and they will tell you the same thing. There are four institutional values that drive every decision we make and inspire us to do our very best work:

  • Empowering adults
  • Ensuring a high quality academic experience
  • Reducing student debt
  • Getting students to completion 

Empowering Adults, One Student at a Time

At Champlain College Online, "empowering adults" means designing classes for the adult learner who brings a depth of personal and professional experience. To that end, our classes are accelerated, relevant, quickly applicable and designed for the individual goal attainment. In addition, we choose instructors who share our values, and actively facilitate student engagement in our courses and in their workplaces, where students are able to immediately put their new knowledge into practice.

Quality Assurance, Producing Measurable Success

We talk a lot about metrics and dashboards at Champlain College Online, and you might say we're a bit obsessed with them. This obsession with "big" and "little" data comes from the belief that the quality of each student's journey is enhanced when clear and consistent expectations are made and reinforced across the academic experience.
Our quality assurance metrics ensure that:

  • Every class is easily navigated.
  • Faculty are present, engaged and give timely, valuable feedback.
  • Assessments are meaningful and relevant.
  • Interactions with other students expand learning and progress toward goals.
  • And, everyone - including our faculty - is held accountable.

Reducing Student Debt, Increasing Learning Opportunities

We strongly believe in the power of higher education to transform careers and enhance lives of working adults. And, we are keenly aware of the burden student debt places not only on individuals but also on their families. At Champlain College Online, we are constantly exploring strategies that minimize the need for student loans, maximize student transfer credits, including credits for life experience, and help ensure retention and degree completion. We are proud of the fact that a growing majority of our students do not pay the full cost of a degree or certificate and nearly all of our students are able to convert their work experience and training into transferrable credit that reduces their time in school and gets them to completion more quickly.

Facilitating Program Completion, Student Achievement

While knowledge for knowledge's sake is an end unto itself, research tells us that the completion of a degree or certificate has the power to produce measurable, life-changing career outcomes for students. We know how challenging the journey to completion can be - many of us were adult learners too. At Champlain College Online we are committed each day to help our adult learners complete their academic program whether it's a certificate, associate, bachelor's or master's degree. And we're there to support and motivate our students from day one all the way to completion. 

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