Core Division

Champlain's Core curriculum is designed to prepare you to be an intellectual leader. To promote your ability to express, defend, and expand your ideas, Core classes are discussion-oriented, problem-based, and experiential. Faculty and students collaborate to explore questions from multiple perspectives in order to understand how different disciplines construct and convey knowledge. In each class, the questions asked are much more important than the answers—in the 21st century, there are few clear-cut "right" answers to the big issues.

Studies demonstrate that long-term success and leadership in your field hinge on your ability to think critically and to communicate effectively. Our interdisciplinary curriculum encourages the type of intellectual discipline and creative thinking that will give you a lifelong aptitude for learning and problem-solving in any context.

Core Curriculum

The liberal arts component of a Champlain degree is collaborative. It will open your mind to the past, the present, and the future in a challenging and supportive framework. The Core curriculum at Champlain allows you to be an active participant in your education, something unique compared to traditional general education at most institutions.

  • The first year of the Core, The Individual & Community, cultivates your ability to think innovatively and write efficiently.
  • In year two of the Core, The Western Tradition courses explore paradigm shifts in Western thought.
  • Year three, Global Themes, immerses you in studying the world, and the curriculum encourages you to study abroad for a semester.
  • Year four is the College Capstone—a project that integrates the knowledge you've acquired in your major, your learning in the Core, and contemporary issues in professional ethics.