Communication & Creative Media Advisory Council

The CCM Advisory Council exists to assist the Dean of CCM in achieving the vision and mission of the Division, and in shaping the Division's future. Members of the Advisory Council provide advice and guidance on issues such as curriculum, operations, enhancement and expansion of programs, and student career counseling and mentorship. They help develop opportunities for dialogue with those working in the communication and media industries. 

Members of the Advisory Council are individuals across the nation affiliated primarily with the communication, creative, and emergent media industries and professions. Individuals selected for Advisory Council membership are perceived to be "connectors" willing and able to help open doors for the CCM Division and its students. Each member brings unique talents to the Council, playing an important role in the continued success and growth of the Division. Council members help the Division keep in tune with and respond to the needs and expectations of the industry and the public. They assist in supporting and expanding internship opportunities for students, and in seeking new recruitment and employment opportunities for our alumni. They play a critical role in assuring that we stay responsive to career, vocational and economic concerns.

Council Members