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Ready to get started!

As a new student, we want you to make the most of this experience.  It’s the beginning of a lifetime of discovering your passions and purposes — yes, plural!

We’re here to help you get started with support systems, resources and services that will not only get you ready for graduation, but for your life beyond this campus.

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What is the New Student Experience?

New Student Experience is a holistic approach to your first year of at Champlain: Orientation, Core, and InSight—which includes our Champ 101 program. Taken together, they lay the foundation for success as a student and life beyond graduation. Transfer students also benefit from our Transfer Connections program.

What to Expect

New Student Orientation begins the Friday before classes, giving you the opportunity to get used to campus before upper-year students return.

Start by moving into your new residence hall, meeting roommates and hallmates. The weekend is filled with fun activities like live music, games in the courtyard, and a movie under the stars. End the weekend with a beloved College tradition: a sunset boat cruise on Lake Champlain.

New Student Orientation
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Required as part of the InSight Program, Champ 101 is a 10-week program focused on finding a sense of belonging among friends and community. You’ll connect to campus resources, people, and opportunities; examine your role in creating an inclusive Champlain community; explore how to care for your personal health and wellbeing.

Learn practical skills to help you find balance between academic and student life.

Champ 101

The InSight Program is a required four-year program designed to help you learn the complexities of adulting from budgeting to self-care. InSight consists of three essential tracks: Well-Being, Personal Finance, and Career Positioning. Success is about more than landing a great job. It’s also about living your best life!

Get ready to cultivate the skills and knowledge you need to grow and thrive for a lifetime.

InSight Program
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Explore resources that help you navigate being a student with Core Curriculum. What is your role? Where can you find support? How do you write a college-level paper, anyway?

Core connects a variety of subjects to promote reasoning, critical thinking and curiosity. Through project-based research, you’ll practice how to explore the various aspects of any issue— the historical facts, the psychology and culture of the people involved — and learn how to recognize influences beyond the obvious.

Core Curriculum

Transfer Connections

Transfer Connections is a program for students who transferred to Champlain and previously experienced a college orientation. The goal? Offer tailored meetings that recognize needs specific to transfer students. All meetings are designed to create a sense of belonging and foster academic success among transfer students, similar to how Champ 101 does for first-year students.

The meetings are open to any transfer student at Champlain, and are not mandatory. By attending these workshops, you will:

  • Explore the different ways your transition to Champlain may impact you. Learn about what to expect, social support, and self-efficacy.
  • Learn about campus resources, where they’re located, and how to access them.
  • Become familiar with who to contact when you need assistance in a variety of areas.
  • Have the opportunity to ask peer facilitators—who are upper-year transfer students—questions and hear about their experiences first-hand.
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I’d like to share with incoming students that it’s not all as scary as it seems. With a few friends, you can make anywhere a home. These four years are so full of opportunities, so don’t pass any up!
Olivia Vitittow, Professional Writing // Louisville, KY

More Ways to Get Involved

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    Clubs and Activities

    Find your niche by checking out the many student clubs and activities on campus! Our advice? Attend any that pique your interest during the first few weeks of school and then decide which ones are the best fit for you! Options range from athletic intramurals to academic to social and political clubs and beyond.

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    Work On Campus

    One of the many unique things about Champlain is the number of student jobs available on campus. In your first semester, you can start in a great position that relates to your interests. Check out Handshake, our job posting platform, to learn how you can get involved (and get paid) in the different offices and departments in our campus community. Both work-study and non-work-study positions are posted.

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    Engage with Events on Campus

    Once the school year begins, The View Events section is filled with opportunities to connect with different clubs, organizations, departments, and offices at Champlain. Many offer free food, fun and merch! Take time to meet your new classmates and ask questions of upper-year students. Staying connected is a great way to make the most of your Champlain experience!

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