Headshot of Pierre-Michell Jean-Louis from Champlain College Montreal Campus
Pierre-Michel Jean-Louis
Affiliated with Montreal Campus

Jack of all trades, master of some Pierre-Michel has a very interesting parkour. Avid gamer and video game programmer in his past life, he studied Computer Science at the Champlain Regional College in St-Lambert. Recently he also studied Street Dance at Åsa folkhögskola in Sweden. As a professional artist and youth worker, he's traveled across the world teaching, performing and working on various projects such as Hip Hop festivals, youth gatherings and conferences. He's won many dance awards and now teaches a class on Hip Hop Culture online.

Pierre-Michel is looking forward to supporting students during their stay in Montreal all while making them discover the best of what Montreal has to offer. As someone who has spent a major part of his life traveling and studying abroad, he believes his experiences and perspectives could be beneficial to their international experience in Montreal.